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I’ve always believed in taking supplements, as it is impossible to eat enough nutrients in our daily diet that is so fast paced and always dining outside. Most of the time I’d take a multi vitamin and lots of Vitamin C and maybe some other natural forms of supplements like Chia Seed, Virgin Coconut Oil etc etc, there are really a lot, but due to so many bottles, sometimes I tend to forget taking them regularly. A friend of mine told me about this new product from Nu Skin called AgeLoc YouthSpan. It is really simple to take, just two from the big bottle and one from the small bottle every morning after breakfast. This product is a very advanced anti-aging supplement that lengthens your youth span. Your youth span is the years you can enjoy life being more active, healthy and energetic.

I would really only take natural supplements so I was glad that the supplements contain really natural ingredients. Take a look at the pic above for the ingredients found in the bigger bottle. I notice that it contains fish oil which is what I need daily, and Astaxanthin which I know is a powerful anti-aging supplement.


The small bottle contains more herbal ingredients. Apparently these had to be separated in Malaysia pharmaceutical production laws.

Take these together for overall health rejuvenation and anti-aging. When taking these, I do not take other supplements as these 3 pills are enough. I also read that it will increase anti-oxidant levels in our body if taken long term. I actually took the AgeLoc YouthSpan over a period of 2 months.

Yes I always photoshop my pics but for this review, I have to show my real face! So you can see the real effects externally on my before and after pics. I noticed that my skin was smoother, and less lines and puffiness on my eyes. I had been getting comments from my colleagues too that I looked younger and younger. I actually also felt really energetic the whole time. Being a mom of 2 growing boys at home, I used to be rather tired everytime after getting home from work that I didn’t have much energy to play with the boys, but now I felt quite energetic that I want to take them out right after work to go for walks or to the mall to run about. If I have more time, I want to be able to go out running too.

However, it is not like I am so energetic till I can’t sleep at night. Taking the supplements actually made me feel sleepy at the right hours at 11pm. I used to have bouts of insomnia and sleep really late at 1am and that is so terrible to my skin and to aging. Yes, sleeping less will make me age more, I can literally see lines forming and crows feet the next day. Sleeping at least 8 hours daily give my body time to repair and heal overnight.

Another effect is after taking this, I felt like I need to drink a lot of water. So now I drink 3 litres minimum daily, and everyone knows that more water is great for our general health and skin.

More about the product can be found in the leaflet. I have another friend who just gave birth to a baby and now the baby is about 5 months. She complained to me about feeling tired and I so understand how that felt at that stage in life. She also started taking the multivitamins and told me she felt so much better after just a couple of weeks. Even the dark circles and puffiness in her eyes are gone. At our age that kept advancing, I think having a good supplement is so important, and of course a good exercise routine and a healthy and balanced diet.

Overall, I felt now that internal supplements is really important as well as our skincare. Nu Skin actually covers both so it’s really convenient and helpful. Email me if you are interested to know more about this and I’ll connect you to the agent that I got this from. Personally, I am not doing the Nu Skin biz but just consuming it. Peace out!


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  1. Such a commitment to maintain our youth eh?
    But really, the results are indeed noticeable in your photos and by the way how is the pricing like?

  2. I heard about nu skin supplement long time a go, but I didn’t brave to try kind of supplement because my skin always breakout when I took any supplement, but your improvement seems great

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