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First Step Building Relationship With Atomy

Today I will write about my 2nd meeting with my Atomy Family. Read about my very first encounter if you haven’t already. My sponsors came back to Malaysia again near the end of October, on October 20 2016. We attended the very first meeting with all Atomy members which was called the Pre-Launch. It was held in Times Square and there was a really large group of people attending. We learned a lot about Atomy but because Atomy was not officially launched, there was no talk on the marketing plan. We only had information and QnA. That would be the first time I met the lovely Atomy Headquarters staff like Mr Kim, Kea, Terrance, Lilian, Maggie and more. I was really impressed that most of them were so young.

On the next day, we met with my blogger best friend Kylie who would later become my first registered member on my left leg. We tried out the awesome food at Mama Kim’s. I gave Kylie some probiotic and it made her realise that she had taken Atomy probiotics before but just didn’t know the brand. She immediately wanted to order some as it was the best probiotic for her.
Hyun Jo and Chan Gu sent me back to Kajang that day, it would be their first time in Kajang and it may not have been a pleasant one as I took them on a short cut across the very dirty and smelly market to town. However, it was ok and this was the products I ordered from them from Korea.

It was the first time I tried the Atomy A.A. Foundation and I could not live without it since. I could not even use my other liquid and cushion foundation anymore after using this because the coverage is great and perfect and doesn’t clog the pores.

The next day, I decided to call some friends to meet my Korean friends. This time, they booked a homestay near to Paradigm Mall in Kelana Jaya. My blogger friends Joanne and Lee Yann met up with me for lunch at Paradigm as they wanted to try out the skincare that I raved about.

Both Joanne and Lee Yann get to try the massage technique of the skillful sponsor. They decided to join Atomy after trying the products too but we all have to wait until November when it officially opens.

After the session with the product demo, Chan Gu and I walked to Paradigm for dinner. We decided to grab some pizza coz apparently, pizza in Malaysia is so cheap compared to Korea. He loves taking food pics for some reason. That was the end of their second trip to Malaysia. Stay tuned for the third episode.

Watch how to use the Skincare 6 System and Evening 4 Set.

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