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Second Life Detox Review

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With a busy lifestyle and eating out habit, I sometimes resort to detox products to ensure a better health. Recently, my friend shared this product with me by Second Life and it’s quite different from other detox drinks I had taken before.

In a box of 20 sachets, Second Life Detox is a ready to eat powder form in Mango flavour. Means, I just need to open it up and eat it and then only drink water after. I love the mango taste which is not too sweet nor sour. This detox product have three functions.
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Functions of Second Life Detox:
1) Liver Health – This product contains Milk Thistle. Milk Thistle is able to protect the liver from disease and damage.
2) Beauty – Second Life contains antioxidants and multivitamins and minerals including fish collagen. This helps to repair skin and also avoids skin dullness.
3) Detox – Once a while our bodies need to go through liver detox due to a busy lifestyle, lack of sleep and nutrients in our body.

The way to take this detox product is in the evening before bedtime. What I really love is that it doesn’t have a laxative effect. Means I can take it every day and not worry that the next day I need to rush to washroom.

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