5 Things Kids and Parents Can Do Together at IOI City Mall

We Kajang folks (actually from Sarawak) had been waiting for quite a long time for IOI City Mall to complete and open this year. Every time we pass by to go to Putrajaya, we would marvel at how magnificent this huge mall would be. So, imagine how exciting it was for us when it really opened on 20 Movember November couple of weeks ago. We went there on opening day with our two kids, aged 2 and 5 and to date, we had frequented the mall a total of 5 times in 2 weeks, that is a lot of visits for one mall, I reckon. Why is IOI City Mall special. For one, it is huge. For two, it is near. Kajang does not have any bigger mall nearby. We have some pathetic tiny ones, or just a couple actually. For us to see an actual mall with major tenants, we usually have to drive out really far. So for us parents with small kids, we are always on the lookout for fun places to go. I think IOI City Mall fits the bill and more. Here are 5 things kids and their parents can do here, these are just 5 things we particularly enjoy (or actually it’s just for the kids).

Thing 1: Dancing Waters or Musical Fountain


Somewhere outside Morganfields and near to Starbucks sits a huge lake with a beautiful fountain. What’s nice is the fountain dances day and night, albeit to silence and the chatters of shoppers. Music is only on at night and it is pretty much in no particular order. Of the many times I visited, the music would play only once and another time maybe a half hour later. I am really not sure. Nonetheless, I am grateful for the fountain because my kids love them. They can sit for hours if they want to, and this is a great opportunity for the ladies (me) to shop and walk about while the men (the husband) takes care of the kids. Win win! I hope they upkeep this fountain well and consider a proper timing for nightly water symphonies and maybe make this area non-smoking only.

Thing 2: Fake Grass in Covered Outdoor Areas


At the Water Fountain area, IOI City Mall had built three circle shaped covered areas with plastic grass that people can kick off their shoes and lie down and relax while enjoying the music and kids can run around hysterically. Barefoot running in the outdoor at a mall, it doesn’t get better than that.

Thing 3: Free Kids Photography


IOI City Mall is so spacious and pretty and has many nice backdrops, you can literally do your family photography impromptu here without paying for hefty studio time.



Basically, there are endless photography opportunities with the kids and family anywhere, I see most people walking around with their cameras and camera phones pointing at everything and doing selfies. They get it.

Thing 4: Free Toys to Play


There are a few malls especially with major tenants such as Parkson that offers free play areas for kids. Most notable are their Lego area. IOI City Mall has just that inside Parkson in the kids level, not just one but several tables, another for kinetic sand, one for puzzles and one for car tracks. I think they will keep changing it up, but the Lego one is the boys’ fav. The kids can stay here for a long time playing, so another good time for the ladies to go shopping downstairs.

If you get tired of this play area, there is also a Toys R Us that the kids should love to explore and just looking at toys is enough to make them happy, for my kids at least.

Thing 5: Food to fill Little Tummies


There is no end to the types of food available at IOI City Mall. So far I had tried Sukiya, which is very reasonably priced and Manhattan Fish Market and Dubu Dubu. I’m not sure when I can try it all, it would be nice if someone would organise a Food Marathon here. After a day of running about, I’m sure the little ones and the big ones would need food to refill their energies. Considering the crowd, it is good to have such a variety to choose from. The Food Junction is opening soon too, for those who want even more variety.

These are only five things but seriously there are so much more. Since I’m living so near to IOI City Mall, I’m sure there are many more things to explore and I will update here whenever I see what’s cool and happening there.






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  1. My son loves the musical fountain too. We usually go at night. Twice we ate at Johnny Rockets (not that the food is that great but has the best view). Our favourite song is Titanium. I think they start at 8pm and it seems the 2 times we went at that time were the same songs. I didn’t know about the Parkson lego section.. will sure check it out. Thanks for the article.

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