Japan’s No. 1 Chain Store Sukiya in IOI City Mall

Sukiya in ioi city mall

I love this shop, Sukiya in IOI City Mall. There are too many restaurants in the newly opened mall, but this one caught my eye from the first time I went there. Well, mainly because of the reasonable pricing and the fast food concept, and it is authentically Japanese. Sukiya has over 1000 stores in Japan itself and in Malaysia, should be about 5 by now. IOI City Mall is so near to Kajang, we can easily frequently the place for lunch.

For lunch today we had Gyudon Beef Rice bowl. In the pic, I was having the S size (small) while John ordered the L size (large). Yes at the counter, you can choose S,M or L and they defer in price slightly. I had mine with a half bowled egg stirred into it. You can order Ala Carte or add on RM4-5 for side dishes and drinks. John ordered the Tofu with Salad with Ice Lemon Tea for additional RM5. Pretty reasonable I would say.

Verdict of the Food

Very good! I can eat this any day, every day. They also have other dishes, I will need to try that to decide, but the Beef Rice is perfect. We ate until we had no words to speak. When you’re at IOI City Mall and can’t find more affordable food, Sukiya is the best place. I love the fast food concept, you order at the counter and get your rice there and then. No need to wait a long time, no fuss. I love that fast food can be healthy too, not the usual fried, fries and burger variety.

If you have kids, find out what you and your kids can do in IOI City Mall today.

31 Responses to Japan’s No. 1 Chain Store Sukiya in IOI City Mall

  1. I have been there yesterday and i ordered the terriyaki Chicken with vege… It was terribly bad in taste… I will never go to this store again…

  2. Oooh, this looks like yoshinoya! But I like the fact that they let you choose whether you want S, M or L size rice bowls. hehe.

  3. Not a fan of this store as I’ve bad experience with it, in terms of food and services. But reading this post, I thought perhaps I should give it another try. Thanks for sharing!

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