One month later with Samsung A33 5G review

I am actually quite a Samsung fan since the Samsung Galaxy S7 Tab SE that I bought to replace my dead laptop and my many dying iPads. In fact, I am writing this blog with it right now paired with the wireless keyboard which literally turns it into a mini touch screen laptop. On non working times, it becomes my trusty netflix machine. Since then, I decided to buy only Samsung mobile starting with the recent Samsung Galaxy S22 plus which I really love! I love how it’s so easy to work on the tablet and transfer to the phone seamlessly and both devices work the the Buds Live so I only need one wireless buds. I also got the Galaxy Watch 4 for tracking my daily activities. Everything just works seamlessly. Anyways, so I got really excited when Samsung released the A series mobile and I got to try out the A33 5G. Check out the first look post of the Samsung A33 here. For full specifications visit Samsung website here.
The Galaxy A33 5g comes in Awesome Blue, Awesome Black, Awesome White and Awesome Peach at only RM1499. The price point is its really strong point, I nearly regretted buying the Galaxy S22 plus at its launch at double this price considering all the great things the A33 comes with.
I’m not sure if I can be considered a heavy user, but the phone lasts 1 day 1 hour for a full charge with the 5,000mAh battery vs the advertised 2 days. I do take a lot of pics all day, browse social media constantly and reads stuff on the phone. I don’t really play games or watch movies on the phone but does watching reels count? The 25W fast charging really makes up for it with a little bit more than 1 hour charging to get a full charge. It is advisable not to drop below 20% battery or charge to always 100% to preserve battery life. I just charge it whenever at my charging station. As usual, all A series do not have wireless charging but it doesn’t matter as fast charging is what I really need.
The A33 might not be Samsung’s flagship or top of the line phone, but I noticed straight out of the box the vividness of the FHD+ sAMOLED 90Hz Display. Of course the A53 has 120Hz screen but I think 90Hz is more than enough for regular users. If the flagship S series were for more business and serious users, I would say the A series all for younger more fun users.
The back cameras a protruded and the cameras are literally a handful, there are five of them. The front selfie camera is 13MP while the back has a Ultra Wide 8MP camera, a 48MP Main camera, a 2MP Depth and a 5MP Macro camera. I love taking Macro shots but that is kind of missing from the S22 plus. What is missing on the A33 is the telephoto camera so don’t go expecting to shoot things too far away.
48MP camera
Ultra wide camera
I’m super addicted to the Ultra Wide lens, I love the amazing effect it gives off, making photos look grander while able to squeeze more into one shot. It is super useful for group shots and also sceneries.

I am satisfied with the camera quality and colour which is real and authentic. It is fast and captures my daily life without visible noise and portraits can be taken in beauty mode on or off which is great when I want to document my actual skin condition.
In portrait mode, blurred backgrounds makes portraits the focal point. Don’t expect DSLR 50mm lens type of cinematic blurring though, it is just alright.
48MP camera
macro camera

Macro camera is fun and useful too when I want to see items upclose and in detail. I love to shoot flowers or even patterns up close so I wish macro lens is found in all phones. It is definitely one of the better macro cameras I have used thus far. I had an previous phone that created a lot of noise in macro shots but the A33 is perfect in this arena.

Close ups of any regular things on the wall somehow makes it look like art don’t you think?
Hurray to foodies and food bloggers alike, the A33 comes with a special food mode. It somehow makes food look shiny and more delicious even when in low light.
Low light without night mode
Night Mode

The A33 has nightography like the flagship models. In low light it will auto detect and recommends switching on night mode. When using night mode, the shuttle speed will slow down to allow more light to be captured thus giving a brighter shot without having to edit the pic again later.

Night sceneries brighten up and does not have that much of a glare in night mode.
I personally love taking cloud shots and the main camera does a perfect job to capture every detail clearly without having to sacrifice some parts of the scene to be darker or brighter.

I did mention that the A33 is really suitable for those into fun like tik tokers, snapchatters and all as there’s a built in FUN mode in the camera. It comes preloaded with all the filters, really pretty fun.

I can take selfies and fun shots with friends without having to install another app. Digitally tranform myself into someone else without lifting a finger. The camera AI is really nifty and easily makes my bad shots into good ones with immediate enhancement too. All the video and photos are easily stored in the 128mb storage. I usually uploads them directly to google drive…automatically as backup.
As for the speakers, it supports stereo and Dolby Atmos, more than enough for daily reel watching. The speakers are at the top and bottom so when watching videos in wide screen, I can hear the sound in my left and right ears balanced.

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