Ainz & Tulpe Japan Opens in Malaysia!

I have actually not been to Pavilion Bukit Jalil yet since its opening, but when I heard Ainz & Tulpe is opening there, I was so excited.
Ainz & Tulpe is actually a cosmetics and lifestyle drugstore chain run by Ain Pharmaciez. The store in Pavilion Bukit Jalil besides Tsutaya Books is the very FIRST store opened in Malaysia. I love all things Japanese, especially Japanese products as they are usually of high quality and unique in design.

Here’s a walkthrough around this store! It’s located on Level 2, nearby Coffee Bean besides the yet to be opened bookstore. I can’t wait for the bookstore to open too.
1) Ayura Skincare
There are so many brands in fact, there are over 250 in this store itself. Here are some of the items I really want to take home with me.
One of the bestseller lines include Ayura skincare which you can’t get anywhere but in this store. I have personally tried the Ayura Rhythm Concentrate Water and is it so mild and cooling to the skin. It only uses natural ingredients so all skin types can use it without worries. I also tried the Ayura Make Off Oil which is an oil makeup remover that can gently remove all residues and makeup includinng mascara. I love the scent both the products use and they have a wide range of skincare for brightening, whitening, moisturising and more.
2) Dazzshop Sparkling Gem
Another bestseller is the Dazzshop Sparkling Gem eye shadow. This product is super unique as it is in a glass jar and the eye shadow is jelly, not powder. The colour is shiny and very natural and so easy to apply on with just the fingers. I can’t wait to try out other colours. Apparently, using this more nude colour as base, my other powder eye shadow’s colour shines and becomes brighter and eye catching, try it to believe it.
3) Nail Holic
If you love nail polish you probably will fall in love with Nail Holic from Kose. The price is really affordable and I can’t take my eyes off the pastel colours.

4) VASILISA Portable Fragrance Balm
This product is so unique I really must have it. Vasilisa looks like a lip balm but is actually a body fragrance. For people like me who runs about in the sun and sweat too much, this will prove really useful. The balm is represented by animals and each of them have different scent such as”
♥Cat Benjamin (West Pear+Jasmine Pear+Jasmine)
♥Rabbit Melissa (Berry+Vanilla fragrance Berry+Vanilla)
♥Parrot Anna (Peony+Rose Peony+Rose)
♥Lion Oliver (Peach+Freesia)
♥Unicorn Fiona (Cherry+Marshmallow)
♥Alpaca Sophie (Apple+Nut Apple+Walnut)
♥ Inu Kotaro (sweet and sour Indian cherry, sweet rose Indian cherry+sweet life)
How to use? Just apply is to the wrist, neck, similar to how you apply perfume. The scent is light and airy so it’s not too overpowering.
5) L’air Savon household cleaners
There’s not just cosmetics found in A&T but there are also household cleaners like detergents, softeners and deodorant sprays. I can imagine the laundry will smell real fresh and good.

6) La.Vie Fitness Products
There are quite a number of La.Vie products for fitness and stretching such as the back support wear and the fitness exercise band that I really want. It looks so colourful and draws me to do the exercise for real.
I’m not sure how this stretch massage balls work but it does look very useful for doing some home stretching with it. It’s portable and can be used anywhere.

There are too many products here but I’ve given a list of just some that I want to get, there’s still many more that I want to try. Head over to for the latest promotions going on for the new opening.

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