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My Ultimate Travel Packing List

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I love traveling! Who doesn’t, thinking of it already brings back memories of this familiar airport scene and countries I’d been. However, there’s one thing I really dislike, that is packing for the trip! Therefore, I always have to be extra organised and ready just in case I forget something. So I will plan way ahead and get out my Ultimate Travel Packing List. Let me just share some of it here.

  1. Toiletry Bag

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The first thing I pack is not clothes but my toiletry bag! I love to use this type of toiletry bag that can unfold and hang in the washroom. I most hate it if my toiletries get wet and splashed on and messy so this is the best type. It’s easy to organise all the different things I need for skincare and oral care. Initially I didn’t know where to get them but later I found them while shopping online and it’s easy to compare prices to get the most discounted one while using Shopee Voucher.

2. Travel Toiletries

Travel toiletries are rather easy, I just get it from my own Atomy center. As I have travel oral care set, cleansing set and travel set, all very complete already. Of course, you can choose your fav product and bring it along, just don’t put that scissors into your hand carry!

3) Comfy sandals

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As they say, women never have enough shoes! It’s true as I always felt like I should pack a new pair of travel sandals. I was online shopping when I found this pair and I just fell in love with it, looks so comfy and yet stylish at the same time. It can be dressed up or down, don’t you think?

4) Power bank

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This is another necessity considering we use a lot of devices, tablets to iPads to phones and they all leak juice! It’s also cheapest to get online and I usually go for Xiaomi or Pineng powerbanks considering how slim they are. Once again, these shouldn’t go into the luggage, it should be hand carried!

5) Packing Cubes

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Call me OCD but I need my luggage to look like this, in their own little bags. It might be a headache to pack it, but it’s a lifesaver when looking for that particular little sock or ahem, inner wear. I know some have different ways of packing, like packing each day’s wear in a roll. They can still utilise this nifty packing cubes.
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There are a lot more things to pack but as I learned in my last Korea trip, pack light when going because there are lots of things to bring back from your trip. I ended up having to throw a lot of things, what a waste right? Now, let’s plan our next trip by heading to Malaysia Airlines Promotion and grabbing the low fares of your choice!

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