Sakae Sushi Celebrates 18 Awesome Years With A New Menu!


Ms Yew June, in green, General Manager of Marketing Sakae Sushi Malaysia with some of the VIPs invited that day

Sushi is one of my favourite food, and whenever I crave for Sushi, I can only think of that green Froggy, the mascot of Sakae Sushi. I love Sakae so much I would go there with my family nearly every Sunday! After all, my kids get to eat for free too with the Kids Eat Free promo happening that day. I was super excited last week when I was invited to celebrate Sakae’s 18 awesome years anniversary at Paradigm Mall, and witness (and eat) the launch of the new menu that day that features more that 100 new dishes specially created by the chefs for our enjoyment. I can assure you the new menu is full of new choices and great value, that made me want to go there every day if I can.

Did you ever know that Froggy could dance so well? Check it out with KouJEe Beatbox 口吉 and some of the spontaneous bloggers!

Salmon Cheese Roll (RM16.99)
Salmon is so fresh at Sakae, air-flown fresh Atlantic Salmon, and now it’s even greater that they have come up with the Salmon Signature dishes featuring Salmon Sashimi, Hana Maki and Salmon Mentaiyaki as well as new creations like the above Salmon Cheese Roll, Salmon Zukushi, Salmon Treasures and more. The Salmon Cheese Roll is super yummy, with thick juicy salmon covered with cheese with a drip of slightly spicy mayo, and once you bite into the cucumber, crabstick and eggroll, there is this delightful crunch and juice all mixed together for a mouthful of delight.

Spider Roll (RM11.99)
Who comes to a sushi bar without eating sushi? Try out the new unique rolls such as Kani Edamane Maki, Spider Roll, Sunshine Maki, Sakae Blossom, and Sumo Roll. I tried the Spider Roll and it is this very special creation of cucumber wrapped crispy soft shell crab and flying fish roll with a small amount of drizzled mayonnaise tastely done.

The Sumo Roll (RM15.99) has got to be my all time favourite in the menu! It is a combination of all my favourite ingredients, sea eel (unagi) rolled with a thin slice of mango and topped with ripe and juicy avocado and salmon roe, the taste literally melts and bursts in my mouth all at once. You will not believe it until you try it. I could not have enough of this.

If Sushi is your thing, then you must not miss this Fuku Set with all the best Sushi in a platter, salmon sushi, cheesy tamago sushi, kani fumi sushi, soft shell crab maki, futo maki, kani edamame inari and chuka mekabu gunkan, what a deal right? All for RM28.99 only. Did you know that since 1997, Sakae is the one and only kaiten sushi restaurant that adds Vitamin E into the sushi rice? Just imagine that the more sushi you eat here, the better your skin will look and your immune system also gets better!
08 Itoyoridai Katsu Nanban

Itoyoridai Katsu Nanban (RM13.99)

While dining there, I was also introduced to the all new Nanban Sauce, it is sweet and sour and quite titillating to the taste buds when added to the new dishes like the Itoyoridai Katsu Nanban above, which is a breaded threadfin deep fried until crispy and topped with the abovementioned sauce. This is a great option for those who love their fried food but need a healthier version.

09 Hotate Mentaiyaki & Hotate Nanban Yaki

Another dish I tried with this sauce is the Hotate Nanban Yaki (RM10.99) for 2 pcs. I love this so much, it is a succulent half shell scallops grilled with nanban sauce, super creamy and yummy. Other dishes using this special sauce are namely Tori Karaage Nanban and Salmon Kama-age Nanban. While trying out scallops, I also tried the Hotate Mentaiyaki (2pcs) RM10.99 and I assure you about the quality of the scallops used, perfectly grilled with cod fish roe.

Smoked Kamo Maki (RM11.99)
A brand new series is the smoked duck series! The succulent smoked duck sure adds a new excitement to the menu and enjoyment of diners and comes in the form of rolls, hotpot and noodles such as Smoked Kamo Maki, Smoked Kamo Ramen and Smoked Kamo Nabe. I get to taste the Smoked Kamo Maki and it was like thinly sliced duck that is wrapped around fried sushi rolls with Japanese cucumber and seaweed, simply irresistible!

Unatama Mini Donburi (RM19.99)

Their new range of mini Donburi is quite a welcome idea too especially great for add-ons, for kids or even for light eaters. There are a total of seven choices including Unatama, Chicken Teriyaki, Beef Kinoko, Curry Katsu, Salmon Ikura, Chirashi and Kani Fumi. Don’t look down on its size, it’s really quite filling for me. I love the premium river eel topped with Japanese omelette on a bed of warm soft rice when tasting the Unatama.

True Japanese food lovers must not leave without tasting the Sashimi Moriawase. (RM30.99) Perfectly laid on a bed of ice, the sashimi consists of mouth-watering fresh air-flown Norwegian salmon, yellowtail, tuna, butterfish and octopus. This is another of my fav as I could never get enough of raw fish.


Still on the raw food, I will always order this when I dine at Sakae, the Sakae Salad (RM13.99) but now at RM8 in the special deal. I love this salad so much especially with wafu dressing, you can also choose goma. It is filled with fresh assorted vegetables and salmon, jellyfish, crabstick, omelette, tomatoes, and peas. Just loved it.

Gyoza Ramen is awesome too at RM17.99, this bowl of ramen will warm up your body nicely. Served with dumplings, spinach, fish cake and egg in delicious chicken soup. I could slurp up the whole bowl had I not been so full.



I always love Sakae because of the attention they give to kids. Not only do kids eat free on Sundays with a selection of sushi, they also have this Sakae Kid’s Meal (14.99) served in a fun Fire Engine or Airplane. Super cool. Josiah get to try the Fire Engine meal that consists of Chicken Teriyaki with rice, mini ebi tempura, smiley potato fries, takoyaki and assorted vegetables. All kids’ meal come with a small glass of juice.


If all the food is not enough, or if you love to wash it down with something sweet, Sakae offers an array of desserts as well. I tried the Karinto Manjyu with Matcha Ice Cream (RM11.99) and sampled the Warabi Mochi (RM6.99) too. The first dish was a sweet golden brown sugar bun filled with red bean paste, it’s nice to be eaten with the flavoursome ice cream. The Mochi is a unique translucent textured dessert that is soft yet chewy with a tinge of sweetness, it tasted so unique, I believe it was my first time trying it.


I have never had a drink so cute before, but this Mr Babycino with the mascot’s face on it, marshmallows as the eyes. This is actually the citrus flavour with milk in it. Sakae has come out with a series of mocktails like the Genmaicha Latte and Matcha Coffee besides the Strawberry flavour Ms Babycino in pink for girls. I wish to try out all their drinks especially the Matcha Latte which is at RM8 until 31 Oct.

sakae rm8
Some of the dishes above are on the 18 types of RM8 promotion in conjunction with Sakae Sushi’s 18th Awesome Birthday.


Another promo in conjunction with the anniversary is this photo contest. Just snap a photo with Sakae’s New Menu Photo Standee, post it on your Facebook or Instagram with hashtag #SakaeAwesome18 #SakaeNewMenu #SakaeSushiMY and who knows you might be the next winner. It’s just that easy right?

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27 Responses to Sakae Sushi Celebrates 18 Awesome Years With A New Menu!

  1. Good that they have reach 18 years in Malaysia. Sad that their Sashimi is still not fresh. Guess being exposed to a lot of nice Japanese restaurants over the years just made me a more picky eater when it comes to sashimi and the texture of sushi. _

  2. how was your session in terms of the food portion? I attended the afternoon session, and they literally overfed us. hehe.

    pretty awesome new menu, which is priced rather good at only RM8 for the selected ones.

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