SkinSoul SkinShield Travelling Set Review

Last month, I collected my complimentary Skinsoul Skinshield Travelling Set from Skinsoul Boutique in Mid Valley for my review, and after using it for a while, now I can give you an honest review of what I think of it. Firstly, just to let you know, I have combination skin that is also very sensitive, if I use the wrong things, it will react within hours with break outs. So let me just go through one by one how this travelling set reacted for me. There are five products in the set and Skinsoul is well known for being paraben free and their main ingredient is organic Ashitaba for skin regeneration.



This cleanser is quite good, I like it. It is yellowish transparent in colour and I only need a few drops to get a nice lather. It contains Ashitaba and has lightening properties of daisy flower extracts and is quite good at cleansing my face and even removing most of the makeup. I love the feel of it after washing off, it does not give me a drying feeling, it makes the skin feel glowy in a way. I use this day and night and massage it in for 1-2 min before rinsing off. It is very hydrating. This is followed by the toner.



The original full size product is in mist spray, but the travelling set is in a normal bottle. I either use this with cotton pad all just drip it on my palms and smooth it on my face. This Lotion or toner is made to unclog pores to create a matte skin. It’s meant to be used day and night after cleansing for hydrating and energizing effect, and if it’s in a spray bottle, it can be sprayed on on top of make up to finish it. Personally, I did not like this too much. It felt a little oily for me rather than light. I prefer my toner to be more refreshing. After using this, it felt like a layer on my skin and made me sweat more. Though it is supposed to be pore-refining, truthfully I did not see an obvious result from this. I still have terrible enlarged pores.




This serum is the smallest in the kit because only very little is needed. It is to be used after cleansing and toning. The serum targets ageing skin by adding nutrients into the deepest layers of skin in hope to restore elasticity and firmness. It contains active polyphenols and flavonoids from the Ashitaba to prevent damage from the environment like sun damage and pollution. It also contains collagen to replenish lost moisture, therefore to lift the skin. Sounds really good right, unfortunately, this is the one I dislike the most in the range. It is just not suitable for my skin, it is super sticky and I find it so hard to apply, and there’s this stickiness after using it the whole day as it doesn’t really absorb into the skin. I am ok to use this at nights but dread it in the mornings. However, a little goes a long way and only a little bit of the product is needed each time, which I guess can save in the long run. I don’t really see the promised effect of being lifted or smoother skin etc.




This is like the day cream and I actually loved this one the most of all the products in this range, why? It’s tinted!

I love the convenience of a tinted moisturiser that is also all in one, in this case, 12 in 1. That is a big thing to claim, 12 things in 1 cream eh. According to Skinsoul, this cream:
1) Hydrates and protects skin
2) Unifies complexion
3) Brightens up skin
4) Evens out skin tone
5) Conceals and corrects blemishes
6) Fights the signs of aging
7) Protects skin from UV rays
8) Strengthens skin health
9) Soothes skin irritation
10) Fends off free radicals
11) Stimulates skin rejuvenation
12) Imparts radiant glow to facial countenance

I am quite happy to use this daily. I love a skincare with makeup kind of cream, I don’t need to add anymore foundation that clogs my skin. The colour is great for all skin types so it says, it does suit my well and I use a 21 in Laneige BB Cushion, in case you want to compare.




This is the night cream, straightforward, to be used at nights as the last step in the skincare. Like the serum, I find this night cream too heavy for me. It is said with be loaded with skin vitamins and minerals from organically grown Ashitaba and enriched with the lightening properties of daisy flower extracts, to give a brightening and moisturizing skin for a pearly , translucent glow. I find this just too rich for my skin.


The texture is this colour, and it is like sticky and doesn’t absorb too well! Actually I had to stop using in between days, as my skin broke out after using this. The beautician at the boutique told me to stop and resume only after the breakout stop. I really don’t think I will choose to continue with the cream, I prefer to use my sleeping mask nightly.

Skinsoul products are quite premium, this travelling kit is worth RM500 itself. I believe it will probably work really well for matured dry skin. Maybe I will pass this to my mum.

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  1. Skinsoul…I’ve seen a lot of people blogged about it. It must be really good. But looking at the traveling set price…it is on the pricey side, ya…. even with discount. 🙁

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