Easy Cooking with Ikan Brand Steam Fish Taucu & Seaweed Sambal


Recently, I received this cooking challenge to use up these Perencah or Pastes to aid my cooking at home for the family. Ikan Brand is owned by a Johor company, Sri Lazat Food Industrial Sdn. Bhd. Ikan Brand is well known for their many types of pastes that made cooking easy for busy mums like me who do not have time (nor much knowledge) on how to create the pastes from scratch.

Today, I am steaming fish with the Ikan Brand Ikan Kukus Taucu. The instructions behind the packaging is so simple, complete with pics to help you. Basically, the only thing that I needed to prepare is the fish. Everything else is inside the paste already. The instructions say to prepare 600gm of fish and just add the paste, and steam for 15 min. This paste is also great for cooking shrimps and any other meat.

So I defroze and cleaned two blocks of fish from my fridge that I brought from Sarawak.

I took out the Paste and from the outside packaging, there is another sealed packaging inside. This is great to ensure no leakage.

I just cut and pour the contents of the taucu paste onto the fish, that I have already set inside my electric steamer.

Completely cover the fish. The content is actually a lot, I think it can be used for one whole large fish. All Ikan Brand pastes are like usable for up to 4-5 servings.

I set my steamer to 15 min and that is it. Just wait and do other things.
IT is cooked! Looks delicious?

I served the fish dish with other food for our dinner. Now to the taste, the taucu paste is probably the only one in the series that did not seemed like it is spicy, but the truth is there is a tinge of spiciness. The taste is really good and made my fish dish taste like restaurant cooked! I hated to steam fish before this due to my flavorings and fish sauce always turned out terrible, but with Ikan Brand, it is really easy to cook a tasty dish!

I also tried the Seaweed Sambal, now I am usually a fan of those wet sambal used in Satay sauces. This one said it is crispy and I loved seaweed anyways.

I opened inside and you can see the chili flakes and seaweed, it is dry type of sambal. I tried a little of it and it is truly crispy and not really spicy at all.

The sambal is a great addition to any dish particularly mee goreng and the likes. I cooked indomie goreng one day and added this sambal, and the dish became superb!
I love the taste of it, I think I can add it to any dish to spice it up and make it crispy and delicious! Watch this space for more cooking with Ikan Brand.

17 Responses to Easy Cooking with Ikan Brand Steam Fish Taucu & Seaweed Sambal

  1. wahhhh making me drool reading this. These pastes are really convenient! There are also certain Chinese stalls that customize spices for you to cook with based on what you’re cooking and the portion

  2. To be honest, your maggi goreng sambal with egg looks so, so yummy! Luckily I am not reading this post in the middle of the night haha. Anyways, waiting for more cooking tutorials with Ikan Brand. Will give this brand’s paste a try 🙂

  3. That looks spicy! O_O seems easy to do aswell… <3


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