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JS Puzzles For All Puzzle Fans

js puzzles 1
When I was young, I love playing jigsaw puzzles with my sisters. We would buy those above 1000 pcs and spend days to weeks putting them together and after that we would even frame it up and hang in the living room. Such fun times we had and super memorable for me now. However, I notice now puzzles can be so expensive and there really is no place in my small house to hang on the wall anymore. Of course, it is still a fun activity to do together though I had yet to buy any for the kids. Then I was introduced to this site, JS Puzzles for digital puzzles how about that?
puzzle 1
At first I was like, sure or not play puzzles on the computer can be fun?? I tried it out anyways and hey, I liked it. This is able to take care of all the needs of a puzzle fan where you have no puzzle in sight.
puzzle 2
I actually can test my timing how long it took me to finish one puzzle and see my rank amongst other puzzle fans.
puzzle 3
My goodness I don’t know how these people did it in such short time? Never mind, I don’t really like to compete in making the fastest puzzle, for me it is the slow and steady pace that makes it therapeutic and fun in a way. I can surely share this with the kids to play together, maybe using a touch screen laptop is even easier.
puzzle 4
I don’t even need to register to play some awesome puzzles and also customise it according to the number of pieces and the size of the puzzle pieces, whether I want it easy or complex. Of course, for those who want to use their own pictures, photos and all that must create an account and sign in. There are better options as a registered user such as:

  • Upload your own photos as puzzles

  • Save and load puzzles.

  • Save puzzles to favorites

  • Use the Guestbook

For now I am happy with the number of amazing pictures already in the database available for any user to play anytime anyday. Give it a try at today.

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