Good Health Starts With Medi-Feet Shoes


Recently, I got to know about Medifeet Shoes when my sis saw the Instash booth selling them in Kuching, Sarawak. I started googling for it somehow, as I am super interested in comfortable shoes, and I found the shop in Worldwide Business Park, Jalan Tinju 13/50 Shah Alam.

I checked out the designs and they were all pretty nice, it’s not those aunty type like what we tend to think when considering comfort shoes. They have lots of cute and ladylike designs for everyday wear. Anyways, I was so happy as I was given these a couple of the shoes from Medifeet for my review so read on to know more about them.


There are a few features that made Medifeet shoes stand out from the crowd. They have this Poron footbed technology that is able to absorb our weight and is also antishock. The ones that I got have this silverish colour foot bed that has a Power Arch support made of specially formulated foam to relief arch pain caused by flat, weak, fallen or high arches on the feet. I do not have this condition but the foam makes the shoes super comfortable and I can literally walk with a bounce.


Most of the designs are also made for people like me, with a wider feet. I have a huge problem with the fact that my feet is short but wide when it comes to shopping for shoes. I cannot fit into the bigger size 7 as it is too long for me, but I can’t fit into size 6 as it is too tight at the toe area. So in the end, I just wear sandals to work. Well, Medifeet really solve this problem for me. I am now able to wear the perfect fitted shoes.


There’s even a solution for those who find their shoes too lose on one feet, as I have one foot smaller than the other. They do sell this Heel Guard that you just stick on the shoes heel part and it will fit perfectly. This one is only RM35. I had to throw away a lot of shoes due to this issue, when one shoes is loose but the other is fitting.

This pair of Travel shoes I got for my review is also super light. Medifeet uses superior lightweight EVA midsoles with 55 density for optimal comfort. I got this because I always need to walk a lot when I go for events, imagine walking from the Old Wing to the New Wing in 1 Utama in heels, I could die. Now I just wear this as my daily office shoes and to any events I go to as it looks great with casual or formal wear, and even with skirts.


Nice? Can wear it sockless or with tights, because another Medifeet tech is that it has CoolMax lining that keeps your feet dry and airy, it uses a kind of Coolmax yarn that is soft and dries quickly, removing the moisture from your feet to the air. I had been wearing this pair daily for 2 weeks now and I can tell you that is true. I usually have sweaty feet, and at the end of the day, my feet would be so smelly and the shoes will be so wet if I would wear this type of covered up shoes. So I usually again, end up just wearing sandals else I have to wear socks. With this pair, my feet remains dry all day, it’s really like a miracle. The shoes is also really easy to clean, just wipe it with a damp cloth. I actually got caught in the rain on the first day wearing this, and you can imagine all the mud from the puddle sticking to it. I just give it a wipe down and it’s totally clean already. No stain whatsover.

There are many colours available for this pair of travel shoes. I got the black one as I am boring like that but I saw them in Red, Brown, Yellow, Grey and Red, I wish I can have one in every colour to match my clothes. I told my friends that when I am wearing these, the feeling is like I am wearing running shoes.

There is a reason why this pair is called Travel Shoes. The shoes is made for your feet to expand. This can happen if you are travelling to different climate countries. The tongue is wide and the strap is adjustable, so even if your feet became wider, it can still accomodate the shoes comfortably.

Then if the back your feet also expanded in size, you can just wear this with the heel part under the feet, the material is made in such a way that it will not crumple. It will just go back to the original shape. I thought this is so special. I wish I knew about Medifeet when I was pregnant. I had to buy bigger shoes as my feet expanded badly and then throw away the shoes after I delivered.
Medifeet also has a range made for diabetes patients. It is wider and has a removable sole, in case the patients have wounds in their feet. The design is those Mary Jane sandal type and it still looks good, I actually wanted to wear them but they didn’t have my size.


Medifeet also have lovely heeled shoes like this very pretty pair with all the beads that bling. Their heels are no more than 2 inches as they believe higher than that, you will hurt your feet and your joints and your back. Thankfully I just do not wear heels as I can’t walk well in them. I’m so glad to get this pair as now I have a pair of very comfortable and pretty Fairlady shoes.

As you can see, it has a very wide block heel, so walking is easy yet gives you a bit of a height. I also tried wearing this all day at work, and since it has a less flexible body and thinner toe area, I won’t be seeing running around in these, but I was surprised that I could wear it for a whole day without any feet or toe pain. Usually, if I wear these kind of shoes, my little toe would be bruised within half a day. No such issue with this one. All Medifeet shoes have patterns on the soles so I won’t be slipping or falling on slippery grounds. This is so important for me when buying shoes too.

Yes I actually wear them to events too and the brown colour can match any colour dress I wear.

For more information, please check out Medifeet on Facebook. They also have distributors in certain KPJ hospitals, and have recently opened up new shops across Malaysia. There is hope for people who need comfort shoes that are reasonably priced with a host of benefit and technology. Medifeet shoes mostly range from RM150 - RM219.

Disclaimer: I received no monetary compensation for this review. I was provided with the products to facilitate in the review and it does not affect all the opinions in this post which are my honest observations.



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