Visit Malaysia in only 4 Minutes!

Hey, I am always patriotic to my country, my nation Malaysia, especially this weekend when Merdeka is just around the corner, I have nothing but Sarawak and Malaysia on my mind. Will our nation be saved? Will our nation thrive? Will our nation continue to enjoy the grace given to her all these 58 years of independence (52 for Sarawak yo). Will our Ringgit rise again? I think of all these and I pray for Malaysia because I LOVE Malaysia. This was where I was born and probably where I will die.

Then I saw this video compilation made by  Rejuvenate Dance Crew, showing how they danced all over Malaysia in 4 minutes, and yes my beloved Sarawak is shown in the video too! In this day and age, it is great to see Malaysians get together and do something positive for the nation rather than just be keyboard warriors. I watched the whole vid and realised what an effort they put in, travelling from one place to another just to make 4 min video, showcasing the best of every state. Some of those places they went, I had never been yet! They made me want to tour Malaysia! Check out the video and tell me what you think about it and which state are you from!

22 Responses to Visit Malaysia in only 4 Minutes!

  1. Rejuvenate Dance Crew is pretty amazing… they are great dancers and I admire them… Watched them in live performance a couple of times and they never fails to amaze me…

  2. I love their dance! I love dancing also, and see how they travel tour around Malaysia. It was a real passion for their love for Malaysia! I was from KL also been wanting to tour ard Malaysia too.

  3. Shows the director of this video did an amazing job ๐Ÿ™‚ also never knew our country have those amazing attractions, should check it out one day.

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