Eau Thermale Avène Cleanance EXPERT Product Review

Avene Cleanance EXPERT product review

End of last month, I received this range of Avène Cleanance range for my review from Tap By Seeties, and the range included Cleanance Cleansing Water 50ml , Cleanance Soapless Gel Cleanser 50ml, Cleanance Toner 25ml, two (2) Cleanance Emulsion Lotion 5ml and a Cleanance Mask 10ml and the main product I am review is Avène Cleanance EXPERT Emulsion 40ml.

Upon receiving the products on July 30, I started using it on July 31 and stopped all other products that I was using so far. Occasionally, I did use sheet mask and gold mask, eye gel and eye cream to compliment my regime since it was not available in this range I was reviewing.

This range is basically made for Acne skin, which I have. My main problem is monster pores, acne and blackheads which the Avène Cleanance EXPERT emulsion claim to combat.

Here are the steps that I was given on how to use this range as there were hardly any English on the bottles itself.

avene 1

avene 2

I followed the steps exactly to the as above on the Directions For Use. I love most of the products and how they felt on my skin, but the most important questions is, are they really effective? Honestly, I had only used it for over 2 weeks, so I do feel that it does not really do justice if the effect is not that significant. I normally would use a full product until it is empty or at least 1 month before I can claim its effectiveness.

1) Cleanance Cleansing Water 50ml

I like this Cleansing Water a lot, it’s a no-rinse cleansing water that can remove makeup using a cotton square for face and eyes, and works on waterproof makeup too. Its main ingredient is Glyceryl Laurate to regulate sebum and purify skin – leaving skin clear, supple and matified while there is no alcohol and paraben in it.


If I have thick makeup on, I would actually triple cleanse by removing my makeup with an oil based cleanser and then using this cleansing water again. As you can see, the cotton square was not clear even after using another makeup remover, meaning this cleansing water could remove the remaining makeup that was still stuck on my face. I usually prefer this type of makeup remover using cotton square as I could ‘see’ when it was totally clean or not. This cleansing water also really helped with sebum control as I could feel that my face was less oily than before.

2) Cleanance Soapless Gel Cleanser 50ml
So after the cleansing water, I would use this Soapless Gel Cleanser. This is the bottle that is used the most slowly, as you can see there is still three quarter of product left as I only need to use very little. I just add a little water and lather it all over my face.

The gel is light and blueish clear, and makes a lather easily even though it is soapless. After washing with this, the skin feels soft and not overly dry. The Soapless Gel Cleaner is also paraben free and is said to control sebum secretion and prevent too much shine, and mattifies the skin. I do like the ease of use for this and the fact it doesn’t dry my skin like many acne products do. Even though I have acne but I also have combination dry and oil skin, so it is not easy to find a product that matches that.

3) Cleanance Toner 25ml
The toner is quite small so it finished really fast in 2 weeks, for this product I have to shake it to mix it before applying it on the cotton square. From the first pic above you can see it has like two layers one white and one transparent. This is called a two phase lotion that purifies, tightens pores and reduces shine at the same time. The main ingredient is the shine-reducing powders (silica and silicates) that provide additional power to absorb excess sebum and matify skin for a clear and purified skin. What is great is there is not irritation and stinging, like many toners for acne that I had used. This is mild and cooling when applied. I believe this is due to the Avene Thermal Spring Water. As usual no parabens involved and it is meant to use on the T-Zone but i just use it on my whole face.

4) Avène Cleanance EXPERT emulsion 40ml

This is the main product that I was supposed to review.  I cannot read anything on the tube except Spots- blackheads, but supposedly this product is for treating adult acne and it renews and mattifies the skin too. It’s a white cream but not sticky at all, light and easy to massage into the skin. It acts as more than just a Spot Corrector but also regulates sebum with the main ingredients like Monolaurin and X-PressinTM which is said to mimic the skin’s natural exfoliation process without using harsh ingredients like AHAs or BHAs. It’s pretty cool that it has an exclusive patented ingredient called Diolényl® for eliminating spots and limiting the spread of bacteria caused by acne.

Ok so that is the facts…how did it work on me? I do feel like blackheads was reduced, see pic below.

avene before after

I had this acne on my side of my chin before I started using this product. Unfortunately today the acne is still there. It is one of those super stubborn type that maybe could only go away if I extract it. However, I do note that sebum production is less and the pores are less enlarged. I’d say I’m happy with the results for just 2 weeks plus use. I also did not face breakouts for the whole 2 weeks like I usually would when using new products suddenly. My skin is quite matte but I would say I need more hydration as it felt like I needed more of it. I guess it is ok as I could do complimentary hydration masks or use water mists even while using Avène range. Just that, from the pic I felt like there is not huge difference, maybe with prolonged use I will update this space again.

5) Avène Cleanance Emulsion Lotion 5ml
The final step in this regime is to use the Emulsion Lotion. Avene Cleanance Emulsion Lotion is very light-weight, it regulates sebum production and mattifies the skin to decrease shine and the look of large pores. The main ingredient, Cucurbito pepo extract and the technology of microcapsules absorb excess oil while zinc gluconate purifies to reduce the risk of blemishes. I do like this lotion for morning and night use, as it’s non oily and sticky, and works well for me before using makeup.

6) Avène Cleanance Mask 10ml

Finally there is the Cleanance Mask to be used 1- 2 times  a week. I used it twice weekly and on other days I use my hydration masks. This is a 3-in-1 clay mask that turns into a scrub to deeply cleanse, exfoliate and absorb oil and visibly reduces the appearance of skin blemishes.  The feel of the mask is not like most clay masks that will tighten your skin when it drying. This one doesn’t dry out, after using it for 5 min, I can just add some water and start scrubbing as it contains tiny granules that removes all dead skin. The mask contain Avène Thermal Spring Water and Zinc gluconate to soothe irritation and redness and Monolaurin to regulate the overproduction of oil and absorbant powders to mattify skin for a smoother and clearer complexion. I love the texture and ease of use, and the fact I don’t need to have it on for half and hour. This is also great when the skin feels tired and dull, as it gives and instant boost.

At the end I felt like I could definitely do a better comparison of before after if I had used this product for more than a month or so. It works great so far and I hope it will continue to improve my skin as I continue to use it.

For more information about Avène products and the rest of their range, do follow their facebook https://www.facebook.com/AveneMY.


Disclaimer: I received no monetary compensation for this post except the products mentioned. All opinions are my own.

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