Dirty Little Secrets Exposed


I am no longer a Wax Virgin, it would be third time at Strip last week. What is Strip all about? They sure know how to make things sound funky, but in fact, Strip is really a hair removal salon and they are all about hygiene.  Their hygiene level is like better than any types of salons out there.


Firstly, when you go to any salon or spa, you will see this type of bed with a towel over it, and then there will be another towel to cover your body. I am actually not sure if spas I visited actually wash all the towels for every customer or not, especially the one covering on top of you that is not really used for wiping anything. Well, you can be assured at Strip that every towel is washed after every use. So no two-timing towels at Strip.


Secondly, Strip have made this giant hygiene packs, and they are actually filled with your personal disposable razor, cotton buds, wooden spatula, latex gloves, cotton pads etc. to ensure that all these things will not be reused on another person. After all, waxing is such a personal and delicate affair, who wants your razor to have touched another woman? It’s outrageous to even think about it.


According to this article on keeping your skin young by Strip, all the therapists will wear gloves, and not any gloves, only the latex gloves that is taken from your own personal hygiene pack, means they change gloves for every customer. This is so good to know. I remember having a dentist that do not use gloves and he puts his hands into my mouth! Freak out moment! Can you imagine what those hands have touched, even if they sanitize? Do you know what is the single most dirty thing in the world that you constantly touch? Your handphone of course, so just imagine that your therapist played the handphone in the toilet and then come out and answer her Whatsapp before touching you with her bare hands…horror of horrors. Bacteria laden hands will transfer more bacteria to your most private areas! Then there’s that wooden spatula, at Strip there is no double dipping allowed. What is yours is used one time in the wax and it will not be dipped back a second time. You might not get the same hygiene treatment in another waxing place, I can’t assure you of that.


Thanks to Strip Malaysia for a wonderful time cleaning us up at Strip. We girls get to choose where we want to get waxed for the afternoon. I chose to do just my half arms again as the last time I waxed it was some time ago and I was getting hairy again! Sometimes, waxing is not just about how you look as most of the time, it is in places that nobody can see but yourself. It is all about feeling confident in your own skin. Whether you love it hairy or hairless, it is really your choice, but make the choice you are most comfortable with and you will find yourself standing tall and confident in everything you do.

We also get to hang out with comedian Miss Joanne Kam who is ever glamourous and funny, I just found myself drawn in to say yes to her.



It’s always more fun when girls do things together.

Remember that you deserves the right to safe and hygienic hair removal. Join me and Strip in saying ‘NO’ to hair removal salons that harbour dirty little secrets.

To find out more about STRIP’s Dirty Little Secrets Exposed campaign and hygienic hair removal practices, visit www.dirtylittlesecretsexposed.com.


Disclaimer: I was not given monetary compensation for this post although i was given complimentary treatments to help with this review.

21 Responses to Dirty Little Secrets Exposed

  1. Sounds like a very ideal waxing place. I heard a lot about Strip but never really know how hygienic they are before. Mmm maybe next time will consider going there. haha

  2. A brand that has been indeed famous for waxing for quite some time, but this is my first time to know that they provide services for guys as well (correct me if I’m wrong) xD
    Great sharing indeed!

  3. good to hear that! hygiene is the main thing to consider before enter to the saloon. may i know where is the location?
    between, i have follow u ya. do support by follow me back Thanks 🙂

  4. Nice afternoon get together. Reminds me of the time that we sponsored a male runner to go for waxing as part of a dare and to raise funds, man…he loved the smooth feeling and has been going back on a regular basis.

  5. Suddenly i want this.. hehe. Was supposed to go for that event too, but after seeing it is an all-ladies event, I was glad I couldnt make it in the end.

  6. A huge fan of strip’s service , actually. but recently underwent DPC hair removal.. so i guess i won’t be needing them for a while! will still go for full leg ones , though 😉

    Sounded like a super fun event ! wish i had the chance to attend..

  7. These are definitely dirty secrets alright. haha. Looks like the revamped their entire theme. Or is it just me?

  8. I did waxing on my armpits before. Was thinking to do brazillian wax. but then they said my hair was too short because I shaved two weeks ago.. @@

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