[Beauty Review] La Biosthetique Scalp Treatment Review

Last week, I finally found time to take care of my long abandoned hair by visiting Jazzmine’s Salon for a La Biosthetique Scalp Treatment. Truth be told, I have never done a scalp treatment before nor thought that I needed one, even though I am the hairdresser’s daughter. Scout’s Barbershop was a good pure beauty unisex solution. I always thought my hair is pretty healthy, thick and manageable, and I’d only go visit my mum at her salon twice a year when I go back for holidays. Last Sunday’s visit to Jazzmine’s was quite an eye opener and definitely a reeducation for me in a hair provoking way.


Founded by Parisian bio-chemist Marcel Contier in 1947, La Biosthetique was born from the passion to create hair and beauty products from natural pure ingredients which work in harmony with our own bio-chemistry.

With our heart and soul in Paris and our state-of-the-art booking software and laboratories in Germany, La Biosthetique blends luxury Parisian service with German technology for the most effective, exquisite and exclusive products in the hair and beauty industry.

Our Total Beauty Concept is available through professional boutique salons and spas which offer 5-star service and care in the areas of Professional Colour, Hair Care, Skin Care, and Make Up.

Jazzmine’s Salon is not your regular salon, I’d say it is not what it seems. From the outside, it looks like a family business, being located in PJ Palm Centre, with a pool outside. My boys took a dip while I had my hair treatment, very convenient I’d say. Inside, however, I was given a Haute Coiffure treatment. I was initially served coffee, and even Josiah was served Ribena. Coffee was exactly what I needed at that hour, how timely. Jasmine, the owner of Jazzmine, proceeded to share with me exactly what is La Biosthetique and the many products in the range, and even how it came about in Malaysia. I was instantly impressed by her vast knowledge on haircare, and there I was always thinking that the hair business is only about the skills and not about the theory. Jasmine, being trained in the US told me she had to go through 300 hours of theory before even laying her hands on the first strand of hair during her training days.


While I was seated on the chair, Jasmine proceeded to check my scalp. La Biosthetique products are very individualised to your own condition, so the proper diagnosis had to be performed before choosing the correct product. I must say, she is a real pro, just by a single touch, Jasmine was able to tell me what type of scalp condition I had.



Well, I found out that I had dandruff, flaky scalp and oily all at the same time with lots of sebum. A terrible scalp had translated to my terrible skin. It is quite true, imagine all the gum from my scalp sliding to my face when I am out sweating. That is why I get a lot of breakouts around my hairline too. The small tag in the pic was pressed on my scalp and when compared to the charge showed that my scalp was at the worst condition and needed a scalp treatment immediately.



La Biosthetique has a wide range of products and I was prescribed this, the METHODE PELLICULES DANDRUFF CONTROL to get rid of the dandruff first. The two products in particular for the treatment was the Epicelan Clarifiant and the Peeling Apaisant. What this range does:

  • Normalises the microbial scalp environment.

  • Breaks the dandruff cycle by ridding the scalp of flake-causing microbes.

  • Reduces the dandruff on the scalp by 50% in the first few applications


Here’s the before treatment look, messy and sweaty from the hot sun outside and I had my hair tied up prior.


Firstly, I got a mini hairwash before the treatment with the Epicelan Clarifiant to clean it of all the dirt.



After the wash, my hair was separated bit by bit the the gel was applied and massaged into my scalp. It was a very thorough process that covered my whole scalp bit by bit. I love the process, it was very pampering. Untitled

After all the massaging, which I was hardly paying attention to as it was so calming, my hair was lathered up like this. It was supposed to be left for 15-20 min for the product to take effect. Untitled

Then, they put this mist machine on my hair, made in Japan and totally safe. It first steamed up my hair and then blew cool mist on it. This was the time I could read some mags available and just relax. After the steam and mist, I was led to wash my hair at the basin, no pics for that. It was a long washing process with many products used on my hair multiple times, Jasmine ensured me that she is very generous with products in her salon. After the wash, I was given a half blow dry so that my hair could dry naturally, Jasmine said that was more healthy for my hair.


The end result after the treatment, my hair was visibly healthier and what was most important, it felt healthier, super soft, and my curls did not have knots in them anymore. The truth was, after getting my hair permed in Feb 2015, I was never able to really comb my hair where the curls were due to many knots. However, I did not have this issue anymore now one week after the treatment, my hair remained soft and strong, with less hairloss as well. I used to have much more hair dropping which could be seen on my pillows and well, all over the house and particularly on the comb. Untitled
I am just so thankful to La Biosthetique for letting me do this review and to Jasmine of Jazzmine Salon for an amazing service. Jasmine is also really friendly and immediately made me feel at home in her salon and we are now facebook friends. I could see that all her customers that I met on that day loved her to bits too.

This special product is available in these Selected Partner Salons in Malaysia.

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  1. Wow, good feedback from you after the treatment. Its never easy to manage your gorgeous locks & your hair looks so soft and shiny too!

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