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I started my running journey about a year ago, approximately last May 2014, and I started with using the C25K training schedule. It worked really well for me and I was able to go from ZERO exercise type of ahjumma to being able to run regularly from 3-5km each time. However. I got stuck! I could not do more than 5km and my pace was absolutely turtle. I also have not been able to run continuously for 5km even if I could finish the run, I would stop and run and stop and run a lot. This caused me to become really frustrated and the last one month, I had taken a hiatus after being plagued by a series of ankle and knee injuries. The passion for running had dwindled even though I tried picking it up again by buying new running shoes. I think I decided enough is enough and I cannot just sit back and do nothing anymore. I have to start getting active again and there is no better time than now. I want to be ReadyToP1ay again!

While motivating myself, there are many fears I need to overcome. Fear of being left behind. Whenever I run in events, which so far is only 3, I have this great fear of ending up being the last person to cross the line, knowing that my speed is terrible. I have to get over this fear that it is better to be slow than to be totally not running.

Secondly I have the fear of injuries. Being on a heavier side, I have a fear that running will tear my limbs apart. Well, I have to learn that when there is no pain, there is no gain. I just have to learn and make it a habit to do warm ups and cooling down stretches properly and not be lazy about it.

Thirdly I have a fear that I won’t measure up. You know at running events, you will see all the toned bodies of the super runners and wonder, how can I be like that when I am like this right now? Well, I have to learn that runners come in all shapes and sizes and start to believe that it is better to be fit than to be thin. It is a win win situation if I start running again, I would get fitter, get better stamina, increase metabolism etc, and while not running I might just increase my weight in the long run (no pun intended!).

So my goal right now is to be able to run a 10km event by next year. I will give myself a year to train for it. I know many people jump into it easily without any training, but I guess I am not the same. I need the confidence before attempting my next event else I might give up half way. I want to set this as my goal for personal health reasons. My last health test tested high for cholesterol and uric acid. I not only need to change my diet, but I need to move away from my sedentary lifestyle in front of the PC all the time.

I want to be the winner and not the self-pitying loser! I’m sure everyone feels the same. I definitely need a consistent plan to follow in order to achieve my goal. I need to change my game this time for sure, my weakness is I love sleeping late at night and therefore I could not wake up early enough to go for a run. So I ended up only free in the evenings after work, but by that time, I would usually be rather tired, you know how it feels after a long day in the office. So consistency is key to changing my game. I believe P1 share the same value and goal of constant change and improvement as they are also changing their game.

What are my planned efforts to change my game? First, I have to watch what I eat, for I will become what I eat. Then I have to make sure I get 8 hours sleep, that means going to bed early and waking up early. Someone told me that if my usual waking time is 7.30am on my alarm, I should adjust it to 15-20 min earlier today so that I can get more done in the morning, and that includes doing some exercise. I also found out from my top runner sis that running isn’t just about running, training for a run also means strength training that can be done at home. I was following some fitness HIIT videos on youtube and they are so useful, motivational and easy to do and it made me sweat a whole lot of bucket more than just running. I believe training this way will make me stronger and last longer when I actually hit the tarmac. However, great internet connectivity is important in order for me to watch these videos and exercise at the same time, I can’t have it lagging. That’s why I’m excited to talk about P1’s new internet plan.


P1 has a new plan that offers zero upfront payment amongst other benefits. Many internet users should have heard that P1 had since partnered with TM and now has all the resources to their network reliability and capacity. Thus in this new ReadyToP1ay campaign, customers do not have to pay anything at sign up, no registration fee nothing. Under this plan, you can sign up for different types of plans such as ForHome which is mostly used at home or ToGo, bundled with MiFi for creating your own hotspot. With just the standard 2 years contract, there’s even a 1 month rebate given in the first bill.

Throughout this campaign that started on June 10th, P1 will also be having loads of contests and freebies to be given through their FB Page, it is so easy to win with P1, remember that I won a Macbook Air last time?

21 Responses to My New Running Goal So ReadyToP1ay

  1. wow keep it up!! I like your attitude! and your determination not to give up!
    too bad running is not my thing, i prefer interactive game like football! hehe

  2. Those 3 challenges are faced by everyone I think hahaha but don’t be fazed by it. Just continue what you’re doing and you’ll be fine. Warming up and training is really essential. I’ve got runner friends who strain their joints when not warmed up/trained properly. Funky shoes you have there and a good leading story to promote P1 ;p

  3. Ur determination is inspiring! I’m not much of a runner myself, I like to sit and play games (weird ahjumma here) lolx… But since becoming a mummy it’s tough to exercise while nursing a baby at the same time. I still try to slot it in between but am homebound for now lolx…

  4. Hi leona, this is my first time here! 😀 Your story is inspiring, I wanted to join this kind of running event too but I never because I am too lazy to exercise 🙁 Btw, I am so surprise when the P1 thingy suddenly appear when I tot this is a motivating life talk hahaha.

  5. An inspirational post! I’ve been thinking about keeping fit myself but sometimes i seem to lose the motivation to keep going after awhile.. right now I’m at a bottle neck at losing weight. Your post got my hopes up again! 😀

  6. I really think you’re great for being willing to work out a way to get your passion going again. Keep up and keep going! You’ll break through in no time 😀

  7. My officemates are currently crazy with those running events. I’ve been wanting to join too but with 2 kids, I need to wait for a family run. Keep up the good work!

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