Let’s Try The Myfir Foot Sauna

Using FIR foot sauna

I had been reading a lot on Far Infrared Ray Sauna on FIR Malaysia for the longest time and was so excited that I finally got to try it out today. I got this review unit home to try for just 3 days, hopefully I can see some effects.

Using FIR foot sauna

Wish I can keep it for a little longer to see my knee pain go away. I like the Foot Sauna, although it is kind of bulky and heavy, but it is a nice wood case and can even be used as a table. You can just sit there and work on your desk or place the laptop on the tabletop of the foot sauna, the surface is not warm, only the inside.

How to use this?

It is recommended to use this twice a day for 30 min each sessions and both sessions must be 8 hours apart. Your family can share this unit but it must be off for 1 hour after being used before turning it on again, that is to preserve its life span too.

Benefit of Infrared Therapy

1. Raises Surface Temperature
Heat helps dilate the blood vessels and increase the flow of blood where applied, flowing relaxation and warmth throughout the body.

2. Relieves tense muscles
Increased blood flow through heat therapy helps relax tense muscles and stiffness, helping your body to regain flexibility.

3. Relieves Pain
Warmth stimulates sensory receptors in the skin and causes transmission of pain signals to the brain to decrease, leading to relief of discomfort.

4. Keeps you Warm and Improves sleep

My Verdict After One Time Use

I had been suffering from knee cap pain for a long time, ever since Josiah was born, so that is entering 6 years now. I still can run with the pain but it is uncomfortable and after one run, the pain will be worse. In fact, after I started running in May, the pain spread to both knees when it used to be just one side.


Just now, after trying for just once for 30 min, the warmth from the FIR is so soothing and comfortable, until can truly smile. I wish I can transform to a mini size and enter the foot sauna, that kind of feeling! Of course, there is always the FIR Cabin for those who can afford to bring one home, or else go to the centre to use it there. After removing my legs, the heat and warmth still lingers on for a while, but it’s not like Steam kind of heat which can be a bit unbearable. It is soothing and nice type of heat. I tried walking up and down the stairs immediately, and I was amazed that I did not feel the pain as badly as before. Of course, I am not advocating that this thing can remove my pain in one use for a long term, it is just that it relieves the pain to the point I did not feel it for a short time after. I believe for non serious knee problem, the continuous usage of the foot sauna will be able to heal. After all, it is rather enjoyable to use it, I would go sauna once a while just to sweat it out anyways. FIR Cabins that is for whole body use claims to be able to burn 600 kCals or worth 5 miles of jogging. For more info or for online purchase, check out the store here. There is a FB group that discusses the health benefits of FIR and have lots of testimonies to be shared as well.

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this review. The opinions in this blog post are 100% mine.

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