Octo is Real!

I’m sure many of us have seen and heard of CIMB’s Mascot, Octo, the very cute red octopus. Most of the time we had seen him in only 2D and as a stuffed toy, but this time, he is leaving the screen and becoming alive in 3D real life animation. Whoever created the animation, I’d say really WELL DONE, coz it is SO REAL, and Octo’s personality is really brought out. We can see from the vids how helpful yet cheeky he is.


In the 2nd video, Octo is seen using his many ‘legs’ to do photocopying faster than anyone else in the office. I sure would love to have Octo work with me in my office.

The 3rd and final video shows Octo playing a round of hoops with his colleagues, but of course, no prizes for guessing who wins here.

Hurry because the contest is ending soon, 6 Feb to be precise. It’s so easy, just head on to the 3 videos on Facebook and follow the intructions given to make a comment, don’t forget to tag one friend and to hashtag your comment with #CIMBOcto while you’re at it. So simply anyone can walk away with RM1000.

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