The Curve and Ikea Baby Room

Ikea and The Curve are a couple of the most baby and child friendly shopping malls, that’s why I love going there. But I was seriously pleasantly surprised by their amazing baby rooms, I literally jumped up and clap my hands when I visited them.

Naturally, Ikea’s baby room uses Ikea’s furniture. I have the same diaper changing pad at home. For hygiene purpose, they actually have a roll of paper that parents can tear and lay over the pad, before placing baby on it. Then you can just throw this piece of baby that may most probably be stained and stuff. I like it that they hang a mobile above the pad so that baby can be engrossed watching it and not be cranky. How thoughtful.

In a corner is an armchair covered with the privacy of a curtain, for nursing mums. Nice touch, though the chair is a bit small.

In the cabinet below the diaper changing pad are some diapers, freely usable for those emergency times that parents forget to bring their own.

So there are 2 diapering areas and a basin in the middle, all Ikea style. So it’s really comfortable and nice there, only thing is that they don’t provide hot water.

Sept 2009
Then of course I had to search for the baby room in The Curve, which is located on the floor with all the baby boutiques. This baby room is quite unique in that it is ‘see through’ with glass doors. I love it coz it’s all in purple! There are 3 cubicles for nursing mothers, in each of it there is a nice armchair and side table.

Sept 2009
The cubicles are completely private as curtains can be drawn all the way to the ceiling. There is even and emergency bell one can press to get help. But I wonder what kind of help would come..hhm. Using the best soundproof curtains is hugely beneficial as it reduces unwanted noise guaranteeing better sleep to everyone.

Sept 2009
The deco is pretty classy, purple and white and green, large mirror.

Sept 2009
It’s pretty much Ikea furnished too…when I was there the place was also quite occupied. Looks like many nursing mothers come here. Now if only all malls have such nice and thoughtful interior designers..

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  1. Hello
    Wow I must say that this is really very nice baby room and I also like it very much.Its interior is simple as well as good.Thank you very much for sharing these photographs with us.

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