Tesco baby photo contest

Right after our 1st baby photoshoot, we found that Tesco is having a free photoshoot baby contest, with on the location studio. All you need is to buy RM50 worth of Tesco stuffs and submit the receipt, and get your baby photographed.

The photographer will take a lot of pics, but only 1 pic will be submitted to the contest. And they won’t give you that pic, you have to buy it for RM10! Lots of people already brought their babies and kids up to 4 years old to participate.

They put up the babies’ photos around the area, and there are so many very cute babies in Kajang. Anyways, last Sat, Oct 17 on Deepavali, we decided to go to Tesco and try out Josiah. I initially wanted to just take one free pic and not buy their package, but the pics were so good that I paid RM68 for 8 pics. They printed the pics on the spot, and won’t give the digital copies. That’s what studios do to earn from parents like me!

So we went shopping for things to make up the RM50 and changed Josiah into a nicer shirt, initially he was wearing house singlets.

They have so many props and toys on standby to attract the babies. They even have costumes but we didn’t try any of those. I thought, simple is better.

So Josiah played with a ball, drums, a guitar, rode a cow, wore cow boy hats, and even wore a pair of sunglasses.

You can’t see from the pics, but he absolutely hated the hates or anything that touches his face.

He was working hard to get rid of the hats while the photographer keep wanting it on!

Amazingly, the shots turned out great and looked like he had a lot of fun.

He was getting quite mad at the end of the shoot. 😛 Poor boy. So we ended the shoot early without taking too many. It was enough, as I didn’t want to pay any more if there are too many good pics. So now, hoping he will win something.

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