Top 5 Mobile Postpaid Plan Comparison To Save You Money

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I’ve taken the pain to make this visual comparison of our Top 5 mobile plan providers in Malaysia, namely Celcom, Maxis, Digi, Umobile and jeng jeng jeng, the new kid on the block P1. There has been rumours spreading around Low Yat  of this crazy cheap RM10 plan with 20GB by P1 called WEBE. The launch will be this April 13, so stay tuned for more updates of that next week. Sometimes we need to update ourselves with what’s the best plan on the market and keep porting in and out to save us money. Personally, I had ported in and out of all these telco many many times.

Anyways, I am making a comparison of only the cheapest postpaid plan. Gone are the days Postpaid are made for the rich and the poor kids need to use Prepaid and go through the second class treatment and reloads. Nowadays, Postpaid have become affordable too, but all Telco are offering really varied plans to meet your different needs. I am just writing this for people like me that want to use the cheapest possible Postpaid plan that has lotsa data and don’t need a lot of unlimited calls. For your info, I am using Celcom First Blue, but I am paying much less at only RM38 as I signed up during the promotion period last year. However, I had used all 5 telco in my lifetime! Crazy leh.

Basically, what you always need to look for when comparing plans are:

  1. Is there a contract?

  2. Extra charges after unlimited use.

  3. Top up internet Catch.

  4. Additional charges from all the additional costs.

Surprisingly, I could find a cheaper plan for Digi, any cheaper you have to use Prepaid. What happened as Digi use to have some real cheap plans. It’s the most expensive in the group but has the most data plus the data can actually be brought forward now too. I can’t brain though the unlimited SMS to only 3 DIGI Friends, why I have more friends than that! Never mind, we have Whatsapp after all. However, at RM78 it’s a bit too hefty for me. Maxis One plans are scandalous these days, so I opt to compare the cheapest MaxisGo plan. So cheapest plan goes to Webe, though I heard RM10 is only for first 6 months, no details yet how much after but still I wouldn’t to save that much for 20GB, however the 20GB is not like a split up 10GB day and 10GB night thingy.

Umobile at RM28 is rather cheap and comes with 3GB data which is more than enough for most people that has broadband at home and at work. I am actually using this plan for my office portable modem and since it’s cheap, we are purely using it for the 3GB date for our guests and not even caring about the free calls. What, it’s cheaper than using Prepaid that we used to need to reload RM30 monthly just to keep it alive.

Celcom might only give you 2GB data but that data can be brought forward unendingly, There are just days that I surf less on the go so I didn’t use up my 2GB data, and now my data had accumulated to 4GB plus a month. Plus I use on the go data the most on weekends, and weekends have extra 2GB! I hope they have those promotions again that lower the RM45 to something less. Good thing, there is not contract for this plan!

MaxisGo, I didn’t know Maxis has this plan until I checked the site today coz there’s too much hype on The ONE. I reckon this plan ain’t too bad, at RM48 only, but only suit those that do not surf at all, like maybe just use Whatsapp only. Coz 1GB, what is that man? Who uses 1GB nowadays? Plus the top up 1GB is a crazy RM30. Who cares about the 2am-7am 1GB, I had tried staying up just to use that but never managed to.This is probably a good second phone plan or a plan for your office assistant to send out messages on whatsapp only and you do not want the person to surf net.

There you go, if there’s a mistake with any data here, please comment below to let me know and I will edit it. Thanks for dropping by.

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  1. OMG This helps! I’m actually considering UMobile. Does it mean that I only have to pay RM28 to get the internet plan each month and topup rm30 to keep it active?

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