How To Check Your Remaining Maxis Contract Without Dialing 123

With the Maxis Scandal going on now, many people are probably just realising that they are paying a huge amount monthly for their Maxis subscription compared to other Telco. I was also once a Maxis user, and unfortunately, John is still one and is tied to another 8 months of contract. I on the other hand is a very happy Celcom user, and I only pay max RM38 monthly and get like 4GB internet, 40+ SMS and Calls plus that internet unused can be brought forward. Let’s just call me a happy user having used all other telco, be it Umobile, Digi, Maxis, prepaid and postpaid etc.

Anyways, so most people at this stage probably want to MNP, port out from Maxis and choose the billigaste mobilabonnemang but is wondering how many months they have left on their contract, whether they need to pay the contract termination fee. The easy way is of course, just call 123 but sometimes, we dislike talking to someone on the phone, holding the line for a long time waiting etc. An easy way to find out is just to use Maxis own website.

  1. Go to the Maxis iPhone selling page, sign in to your Maxis account

  2. Click Buy Now, don’t worry you don’t have to go through to payment

  3. Simply choose one phone and Add To Cart, then Check Out

  4. Check your details to ensure the phone number you added is the one you want to check your contract

  5. Click Next and Click on Keep My Existing Line

  6. It will again ask you to select that mobile number for the new plan

  7. Just click next and then it will show, how many months you have left. It will ask you to choose to get subjected to a penalty with the termination or sign up a new line a new number.

  8. Example:

    End your current device contract and add a new contract.You have 8 month(s) remaining in your current device contract. You are subjected to a penalty with the termination this device contract

  9. So there you go, quickly port out if you have no months remaining. It’s quite crazy, John’s Maxis line fee is like RM150 every month with only 3gb internet that lapses if unused. He only made 44 min of calls in March and used only 23 SMS. Be it Umobile, Celcom or DIGI and upcoming P1 all have fanstastic plans, and at least they take care of their old customers.

14 Responses to How To Check Your Remaining Maxis Contract Without Dialing 123

  1. I will not continue with maxis anymore when my contract finish. What a nightmare And i will never3 recomend to my families or friends. What a cruel telco compare to other telco.

  2. currently using maxis pospaid and 2 years contract…can i know if we can terminated The contract…this damn thing,everytime incoming sms they will charged up on my bil…

  3. I am yet to receive my e-bill for my postpaid phone number 0122052267. Please let me know how to find out the amount I should pay. My last payment was paid on December 19, 2020 through Public Bank online account. Thank you!

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