Meeting Rani Birring of Bollywood Professional at #MuseBeautyTalk

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Last Saturday was an amazing one as I spent an afternoon teatime with the ladies learning about Bollywood Professional Makeup and Skincare Range with Muse By Watsons. My last time at Muse was literally eye opening, and this time was no different if not better.


The star of the day was none other than Bollywood Pro founder and creative director Rani Birring. This lady is so gorgeous and tall like a model yet very approachable and humble. At Muse, we get to have one on one chats with her and I found out about so much about Bollywood from the history of the name to the best product for my skin.

Watch this little movie I put together with the sharing about Bollywood Pro by Rani.

Basically, I wanted to know how the name Bollywood came about, as I always passed by the boutique in IOI City Mall, but never dared enter it. I always wonder if this makeup was only made for Bollywood stars, or only use this if you have the looks of Bollywood celebs. So I asked Rani candidly about this, and her story was a most unexpected one. It happened that she used to live in South Korea and while she walked the streets in style, Koreans who spoke minimal English would come up to her, tap her on the shoulders and say BOLLYWOOD. She would look around and wondered who they were referring to, but in fact, they were referring to her telling her that she looked like a Bollywood star they had seen in the many world famous Bollywood movies.

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Thus, this experience inspired Rani into creating her own makeup and skincare range and she decided to name them, Bollywood to this day. Of course, in the process of marketing her brand, she definitely had to approach the Bollywood movie business to introduce her makeup to them, at the time they were using another very prestigious brand which I know but well, I won’t tell it here. It took her many tries to get in, but eventually after trying out her product and finding that her makeup actually stays on longer, the directors realised that they need fewer cuts to touch up the makeup of their actresses, and thus saving them more money in the process. So, long story cut short, the Bollywood Pro makeup became the main products used in today’s Bollywood movies, how amazing is that?

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When I was there, I was given a makeover using Bollywood makeup range. I was out all day, so by the time I arrived, my makeup was quite a mess, with my bb cream coverage patchy and fading off. So I was so grateful to meet this beautiful makeup artist, who took her time to seriously change my makeup. She introduced me to Bollywood’s Mineral Liquid Foundation for my face and I was really amazed at the matte finishing and coverage and managed to cover most of my pores and it also lasted all day. I usually do not like to use foundation as they tend to give me breakouts and clog my pores too, but I found out that all of Bollywood foundation, powder, tinted primer etc doesn’t clog and they are called treatment makeup, meaning they continue to treat your face while covering up the skin imbalance etc. For eg. the Mineral Liquid Foundation contains Exclusive Multi mineral Complex that helps protect skin and complement any skin complexion with Vitamins C & E that provides antioxidant protection and Vitamin A that conditions skin.

After makeover with Bollywood Pro
Here’s the look given to me for the makeover.

I was quite amazed when Rani explained this to me, and she also introduced me to the Tinted Primer with SPF 20 for daily use if I do not wish to have thick coverage.

Another amazing thing is, Bollywood Pro makeup is created for every skin colour that exists on this earth, from super white and fair to dark skin which are all beautiful! It is great to have a brand that thinks for every kind of woman. By the way, since Aesthetic treatment is getting popular in Malaysia, Bollywood Pro cosmetics are actually safe for skin that has gone through any kind of Aesthetic treatment that made skin become more sensitive. The reason is, Bollywood Pro is free from every harmful chemicals and is laden with hyaluronic acid, which is used in aesthetic treatments as well.

There are many star products in Bollywood Pro, besides the foundation, there is the liquid lipstick and luxury lipstick. They are well know to stay on and on for many hours.

Bollywood Pro also has skincare range, and these two Brightening and Hydrating range are quite comprehensive for most skin types. Rani advises to choose one range and use the full range rather then mixing and matching as both range is hydrating and brightening properties in them as well. Meaning, if you want to hydrate your dry skin, but you also want to brighten it, choose the range that you need most, for eg, you just need to use Hydrating, and as it heals the skin your skin will brighten as well, you do not need to keep changing from using hydrating and then using brightening after that. It is best to stick to one range that has worked for you.


Bollywood Pro also launched their Star fragrance and I was given a sample to try. I don’t usually use fragrance but this one, I must say, is really addictive. For the STAR in you, is vibrant and alive, with luminous notes of cherry and mandarin, warmed with the depth and mystery of woods and spices I immediately love the fruity scent, it seems like something I could use daily.

Bollywood Pro is so generous to give me some of this goodies to try out.

1) Luxury Lipstick

Plumping, creamy lipstick
Bold, non-feathering colour
Shea and illipe butter offers superior moisturisation
Hyaluronic acid plumps lips to make them look fuller
Avocado and jojoba oils and vitamins A, C & E condition lips
Paraben free

2) Luxury Lipgloss

Castor seed, soybean and argan oils smooth wrinkles and vertical lines
Vitamins A, C & E condition and protect lips
Aloe soothes cracked or dried lips
Gentle hypoallergenic formula
Paraben free

3) Sheer Satin Shadow

Sheer Satin Eye Shadow
Pressed, powdered eye shadow
Gives sheer, satin-finished coverage
Crease proof, waterproof, long-lasting formula
Can be used wet for bolder colour or as an eyeliner

For more info about Bollywood Pro

For more info about Muse By Watsons

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  1. I pass by their boutique the other day. Next time I will walk into that place to check it out. Wow! the pro founder personally….she look fabulous! nice make over dear!

  2. Rani is so pretty and to my amaze she is looking so fair as well! With the make up she look fab! I like your make up ler you should put that often <3 will you be reviewing their product too?

  3. Your face looks so fresh and gorgeous with the makeup on! I’m surprised she didn’t do the Bollywood kind of eyeliner on your though haha

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