Nuun Vs 100plus

My husband is a cyclist and so 100 plus is always in our house. Sometimes I take them after a good run too, but I always feel it is more of a soda than a sports drink due to the overload of sugar. Therefore, I had always been on the lookout for a sugarless drink for recovery after a run. FYI, it is not good to take plain water as it could cause cramps.

I was just doing my usual iherb shopping the other day when I came upon the very interesting drink called Nuun.

I bought this one that has vitamins in it too. There are 16 tabs in this really cute tube that is light and easy to bring out. I imagined that this would be really useful if I do join a run one day and the organisers give us free water. I could just along this in my Flipbelt (another amazing product to be reviewed later) and throw one into 500ml of water and drink up. I tried it yesterday and it fizzes in the water like those vitamin c tabs.

The good thing is this one uses Stevia to sweeten it and not sugar or other fake sweeteners. The taste is really mild, and it’s not overly colourful and fizzy, I love it a lot. At only USD6.14, that makes it only about RM1.20 per bottle of sports drink. That is cheaper than 100plus already. There area also so many ‘flavours’ available, thought I don’t think they matter. I’d just choose the one that is most worth it, with the most tabs and with vitamins with it. They also have drinks just for vitamins and not for sports.

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