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Organic products have been on shelves for some years now. I remember when it first became available, and my dad asked me if we should use organic products and eat only organic vege. Well, I didn’t know what was the difference then, only that it is way more pricey! Well, now I know, how directly and indirectly going organic not just affects our health, but the environment and climate change. There is no doubt that we should all go organic and leave behind products that use dangerous chemicals that go into the rivers and kill the animals that mess up the life cycle and makes the Earth die. I guess seriously the problem is how available is it and the price tag. I just bought an organic small yam that cost RM15. The organic section in Tesco is frequently out of stock and really just a small partition.

But anyways, since I’m not all on organics due to these problems, I will start it off with Josiah. At the moment, Josiah eats some organic food but not all…an avocado costs RM15 above! It is quite crazy. I hope prices won’t be high forever. But one thing I am definitely changing to organics for him is his shampoo, creams and bodywash. Last week I had been researching on this and found that Johnson’s baby brand that I had been using is actually on the top BAD list of products for baby. It was shocking as I had always taken for granted that Johnson’s products are above good level and safe. I also dislike the fact that Johnson’s continue to make Talcum powder for baby when talc is actually extremely dangerous and proven to cause cancer. At least brands like Pureen makes Talc free powder. Well, we decided early on to stay away from any powder for Josiah.

So me and my sis, we searched online for which brand to use. There are lots of brands: Buds, Lafe, EarthmamaAngelBaby, MeiMei and so on. Personally, I really like Earthmama, as I’ve used some of their postpartum products, and I just love it. But the price tag is too heavy for me! So I settled for Buds, which is quite widely available in Malaysia.

It so happened that there is an organic products shop just near my work place.

They sell all kinds of organic stuffs, like rice, soy milk, cereals etc. SO MANY! I didn’t really look into them. Lots in Chinese words..apparently from Taiwan.

I was only interested in the baby products and the vegetables and fruits.

They have a fridge full of vege, but still, not enough choices for me. Nevertheless better than nothing. They also have a membership discount card, buy anything above RM30 and get a free membership. For every RM30 you spend, get a chop. After 10 chops you can get a RM10 voucher. Also, members get 10% off on total bill. So, it’s pretty good, just that I found the products limited. At least they have Buds there …

So I brought the new Head to Toe shampoo and lotion (everyday cream) to my sitter today, and asked them to stop using the Anakku and Johnson’s brand we were using, and they were like oh good, but oh so expensive! Aiya what to do, it’s the cheapest I can find. For the sake of health and environment!

I would like to find Himalaya Herbals baby products though, but cannot find here. I know some of their face cleansers contain SLS, so have to check out the labels. I am currently using their Protein shampoo, gentle facial cleanser and scrub which does not contain SLS. You know, not all products that call themselves Organic are really free of ALL harmful chemicals. Used it once last night and felt really good, gotta use for a while to see how it goes.

At the end of the day, all we want to make is a HAPPY baby..

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  1. Hello
    You have given really nice information about organic baby products.Now I think organic products are really very good as you have written lot of about it.Thank you very much for sharing this with us.

  2. Hi Leona, thank you so much for your info re baby products. It was very helpful for me. Pls let me know in Malaysia where can I buy Lafe, EarthMamaAngelBaby and Mei Mei baby products. What the other organic baby products are safe to use? Which organic baby product you would recommend to use for my baby? Where can I get baby liquid talc other than Mei Mei and also is Mothercare Little Softie Liquid Talc safe to use? Please email me the details. Thank you

  3. Hi Kavitha! Thanks for stopping by. You can get Lafe at any Caring pharmacy, tho I use only Buds. I find Lafe very watery. I used Mei Mei too, but it smells quite bad. EarthMamaAngelBaby is great but very pricey. I will email you the links to these places u can get later. I’m not sure about Liquid talc, I think it’s totally unnecessary if you use Cloth diapers, which you should really consider. Talcum in itself just isn’t safe for baby.

  4. Hi Leona,

    Thanks a lot for your reply. When I was checking on Buds Organic Baby Products, I found that they have 2 types which is Buds: Organic Everyday and Buds: Cherished Organic. Can you pls explain to me the differences and which is the best?

  5. Hi Leona
    Thanks for your post on Buds! You are right that it is important to read the labels and we’re glad that you are doing it!

    Hi Kavitha
    Sorry for this late reply as I’ve just come across this post. I’m not sure if you found the answer to your query but in case you didn’t, here it is… Buds Cherished Organics is our premium brand. The differentiator from Buds Everyday Organics is that Buds Cherished Organics is preservative-free, has high levels of organic content and uses unique organic actives. Buds Everyday Organics continues to offer products that are certified organic, safe, mild and as affordable as possible to everyone!

    Hope it helps but please do drop us a line via email or our FB page if you have any queries!

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