How To Become Fearless in One Night with Aaron Crow

I must admit, I have lots of fears in my life, fear of creepy crawly insects, fear of roller coasters, fear of public speaking, and maybe more but one night with famous silent mentalist Aaron Crow, seriously challenge me to want to become fearless like him.

I first saw Aaron on Britain’s Got Talent 2013, and this dark brooding mentalist who doesn’t speak a word really stole the hearts of the audience and the judges with his crazy acts that put people’s lives at risk. Known for his blinded folded acts while wielding Katana swords and medieval bows, Aaron Crow was never a stranger in the world of magic. In fact, he was ranked first in Mentalism at the World Championships of Magic beating 150 other world renowned acts way back in 2003.

A magician takes pain in creating and perfecting one single act, just the same, Aaron had spent years perfecting his sword, bow and candle act, and we in Malaysia get to witness that live in Genting International Showroom until his last show on May 15. For his first act, he got the audience squirming in their seats with empathetic pain as he slowly poured hot dripping wax over his eyes, seemingly so that he really couldn’t see when blind folded.


He proceeded to cover his face with bandages, black tape and foil. With three shivering audience members on stage, one with a board, a man with a bag of rice, and a lady with a pineapple on her head, without a word and without a light to his eyes, he worked his magic, attacking his target effortlessly and with a high level of accuracy, as the audience gasp and some held their breathe. Yes this is like a dangerous daredevil act, but also it was magic on stage. Who on earth would do such a thing, to themselves and to innocent people on stage? Someone could die. The Katana, I assure you, is super sharp, used by Samurais in the Ancient days to kill in one slash.

All his acts are interactive and involves the audience, highly dangerous yet makes you thirst for more.
The bow and arrow act is even somewhat romantic.
Anyone planning a crazy proposal, why not give Aaron Crow a ring.

Aaron Crow is assisted by his amazing Ninja Girls, three girls nobobdy want to mess with. Expect spell binding high ropes and acrobatic moves besides fast kicking dances.

Comedic Magician Ruby Cody emceed the show, remember him from Trikstars? He has a couple of his funny magic acts up his sleeves as well.

We really enjoyed the show, old and young, and there are a lot more in store that I just didn’t want to reveal too much here. All I can say is, don’t miss it. Catch Aaron’s Fearless! Cheating Death Nightly daily at Genting International Showroom at 9pm and with a matinee show at 4pm on weekends.

Tickets are priced RM78 (PS2), RM98 (PS1) and RM118 (VIP). For more information, visit or call 03-27181188.
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20 Responses to How To Become Fearless in One Night with Aaron Crow

  1. OMG That was part!! So scary TT Reading already make me scared. But it must have been an amazing show. Lucky youuuu. Surprisingly the tickets are pretty afforadable!

  2. He definitely is fearless! His acts would either make you wow in amazement or cover your eyes in fear. Too bad I wasn’t able to catch him in action

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