Importance of Mix Feeding Cat Food with Whiskas

Cocoa the cat is my beloved rescued cat and she is now 7 years old. She is an old lady now. I remember when she was just a newborn and my neighbour dropped her at my house as my old cat Elma just passed away. Cocoa was the one that managed to heal my broken heart for my old cat Elma who died in a tragic accident. I came home during lunch everyday to nurse Cocoa when her eyes are not even opened yet. I fed her cat milk and watched her grow into a big and beautiful girl. Cocoa is blessed as she eats cat biscuits everyday. That is why her coat of fur is smooth and shiny, of course, sometimes she gets a bath too. She enjoys her cat window bed a lot. I had also purchased a self cleaning litter box, being inspired from Jackie Johnston’s article, and that really was a great decision. Saves my effort and keeps her clean too!

Sometimes, Cocoa gets a treat of wet food in pouches too. However, I recently found out the importance of mixed feeding, that is to regularly feed her a mixture of wet and dry food for optimum health.


What are the reasons for mixed feeding?

1) Urinary Tract Health – Wet food contains more water, so when Cocoa eats wet food, it results in more urine production. The more water in the body dilutes the urine and increases the frequency of urination, and that is good for overall urinary tract health.

2) Weight Management – Ok Cocoa looks like she’s overweight, but I think she is just strong and healthy. Cats that eat a high-moisture diet, that is wet food, eat less food and this helps decrease weight and increase more activity compared to if they eat a lot of dry food only.

3) Metabolism – As you know, the wet food will have a healthy balance of proteins, fats and carbs, and this is like eating real meat, so it makes the cat’s instinctive feeding behaviour satisfied.

4) Enjoyment – Well cats love to enjoy their food too. Everytime I go home, she will meow and curl up to me and bring me to her bowl. Mixing wet and dry good is an enjoyment for her.

5) Oral Health — It is said that since the dry food has a crunchy texture, it helps to keep her teeth clean by scraping away plaque and tartar.

Cocoa agrees with my post today. She licks her lips to tell me, thumbs up, that I gave her the best choices of food!

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25 Responses to Importance of Mix Feeding Cat Food with Whiskas

  1. Aww, thats so cute! And yes, it is important that our cats get a healthy balanced diet of wet and dry food. Thats good owner skills right there Leona! Keep it up dear 🙂

  2. wow~~ I didnt know that you have a car too~~ and you really take good care of cocoa~~ cant find any trace that she is 7 years old. and her fur indeed~~ even though only from the pic, and see that her fur is extraordinary smooth and shiny =D

    cocoa has found a good master!

  3. You are cat is so beautiful, Leona! I recently rescued a kitten too from the streets. He has been living with me for the past half a year, now roughly 7 months old hehe. And he brings a lot of joy to me! So I know how you first felt about Cocoa 🙂

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