A Brighter Smile with Systema 3D Clean

I dropped by Systema’s Roadshow happening in 1 Utama last weekend and did some things I never did in public before! Read on to find out more. Most of all, I learned about the new Systema 3D Clean at the roadshow which I will also tell you why I love it so much. Actually, Systema toothbrushes had been my favourite brand ever since my dentist from Rolling Hills Dental Group recommended it. I loved the 0.01mm bristles that is able to clean through my teeth like a floss can.

The roadshow was very interactive and fun. I was initially given some Garrett popcorn to eat so that I can feel the difference from having food stuck on my teeth, and also to test whether the toothbrush is able to remove all the food and really clean my teeth. So ya, I had to brush my teeth in public with cameras snapping away too!

At first it was like quite weird to do that, but the toothbrush was so good to use, I actually finished the whole 2 min brushing my teeth. I am very particular about my teeth cleanliness, as in I need to get every tooth feeling clean, every corner and every nook to have nothing stuck inside, so I must say, I was quite pleased with the Systema 3D Clean to be able to do that.

Systema 3D clean

Systema 3D clean


Pic from Miera
The colours for the Systema 3D Clean are very nice too, they come in shades of green, blue, purple and pink and the bristles are colourful too. Josiah loved the colours so much he kept taking my toothbrush to use these few days.

What I like:

  1. The attractive design, makes you want brush teeth more

  2. The grip and handle is easy to hold

  3. The bristles with many textures that can clean very well

What could be improved:

  1. The head size, I know Systema has some small head size for their other brushes and I prefer smaller to reach the back parts of the teeth

  2. The softness of the bristles, I would prefer softer as the medium soft that I used sometimes can hurt the gums that are sensitive.

While I was there, a free dental checkup was also going on, so I thought why not. I had not visited the dentist in a terribly long time so it was great that I could visit one there for free. The dentist at invisalign Las Vegas used a very special tool from Japan that could scan and capture images of every tooth. I was told to take care of my wisdom tooth which had grown sideways as food tend to get stuck there. Invisalign was the perfect way to deal with it. While I am typing this, I am reminded that I need to go brush my teeth now after lunch! Caries is starting to happen on my tooth as I did not brush after lunch every day due to busyness. I am so thankful for this event to remind me about it, as I do not want to have pain later and have to do surgery to remove the tooth!

After the checkup, I continued to checkout the roadshow that had an Oral Surgeon from Beverly Hills and their assistants teaching people about the correct way of toothbrushing and how Systema’s thin 0.02mm bristles can really reach those unreachable areas.

There were lots of offers going on too, like promotional pricing and free mug with every RM15 purchase. I was so happy to get the mug myself, it is a double walled high quality mug with a great motto on it. Different mugs had different motto, mine was Life is Short, Smile While You Still Have Teeth, a sense of humour with truth in it! Clinics like Simply Dental Chatswood take part in such shows to remind that we should take care of our oral health all the time, and not just once in a while.

For more information on about SYSTEMA 3D CLEAN, please visit www.southernlion.com.my and its official Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/KeepSmilingMY

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  1. I’ve personally tried the toothbrush, and i must say, i am impressed. The stuff that is always stuck in between my teeth, this systema 3D managed to unstuck it!

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