Oral Hygiene Makes a Beautiful Smile

Beautiful teeth is of utmost importance to me. I know that since young, I was very proud that every time I made a dental appointment at edentalperth.net.au, and went in, the dentist would tell me how healthy my teeth were and that I never needed any filling for my teeth. Unfortunately, when I had my own kids, somehow both of them faced tooth decay from a young age. After many visits to the kids dentist near Austin TX, both their important teeth managed to get repaired with filling that will last until their baby teeth drops off. After being faced with their teeth problems, I began to realise how important it is for oral hygiene to start from a young age, in fact, from the very first tooth. A lot of older folks will tell me let it be, as their baby teeth will drop out anyways, but I found out that the lack of healthy baby teeth will translate into their adult teeth later, as most times it is not just the teeth but the gums too that need to be healthy. Now, I am very diligent in ensuring that both my kids brush their teeth every morning when they awoke and every evening before they sleep. Learn more about The Dental Specialty Center of Marlton to provide your kids with the best oral care.

It is estimated that 90% of the world’s population will suffer from oral diseases of one form or another in their lifetime. Many of them can be avoided if sufficient focus is given to oral hygiene, its prevention, detection and treatment, from young.

In Malaysia, statistics have shown than 70% of 12 year old children suffer from dental decay. In a national survey carried out in 2005, it was revealed that among five-year-old children, 8 out of 10 suffer from dental caries. The same study also showed that, on average, every five-year old child has 6 out of 20 milk teeth affected by caries.

Apparently, some children hate the toothbrushing time, and that is true for my youngest boy, incidentally his name is Jordan too. However, when given nice colourful designed toothbrushes with easy to hold handles, it could make children find the brushing is fun.

Jordan, a Norwegian dental hygiene brand, has in place its Step-by-Step children’s toothbrush series for babies and children to entice the young ones to form good oral hygiene habits from an early age.

Said Merete Nes, R&D Manager, Design and Packaging Lilleoborg As Norway, “Step by Step follows the development of the child to help them develop good habits from the very start of brushing as the basis for good dental health is formed in children from a very early age. “The design of the toothbrushes differ according to the age groups taking into consideration the teeth and gum development of the child.”

Daniel Christoffer Bondeson, Senior Product Developer, Lilleborg AS, Norway, explained: “Step 2 is specially designed to clean milk teeth in children age between 3-5 years. At this age children do not necessarily understand the importance of brushing their teeth, and it can be a challenge to explain and to motivate the child.

Jordan fought teeth brushing time all the way until he was three, before he allowed me to actually brush his teeth without a struggle. Now that I am using the Jordan toothbrush Step 2 for him, he is willing to even hold the toothbrush himself, I usually let him try brushing and then I will do the thorough brushing for him and time it to at least 2 min. Gone were the days that I had to hold him down just to clean the inside of his mouth, how traumatic.

I am so grateful that Josiah’s tooth decay managed to be stopped completely, and now at 6, we are just awaiting his first front teeth to drop! Or else we were would have had been Choosing Between Dental Veneers Vs. Dental Crowns for his dental affliction.

“Step 3 is to meet the challenging oral needs of 6-9 year old children. The challenge at this age is that, with both milk and permanent teeth, the positioning of the teeth may be uneven. The quality and placement of the bristles and head become even more important. “The integrated ‘solo brush’ reaches molars and hard-to-reach spaces between the teeth and gums ensuring that no teeth or surfaces need to be forgotten,” elaborated Bondeson.

Josiah really enjoys using the new Jordan toothbrush made for kids 6-9 years old. The brush even comes in amazing designs just for boys and a travel cap. The brush for this stage is made specially for optimal cleaning of a mix of primary and permanent teeth with its round soft bristles with integrated “solo brush”.

The design of the brush allows every teeth to be cleaned properly and none to be missed out. At 6, Josiah knows how his oral hygiene can either improve or disrupt his life, like all boys as they grow older, they began to take how they look pretty seriously. Even when we visit the dentist, he doesn’t care whether it is painful or not, he wants to get his teeth fixed and healthy, so even when I do not call him to brush his teeth now, he knows when it is the time to do so and he will brush very long sometimes exceeding 2 min to ensure it is clean.  The soft brush helps to ensure that it doesn’t hurt his gums and at the same time can clean the sides of his teeth very well.


We adults also get to test out the Jordan Toothbrushes as it is equally important for us to take care of our oral health in order that we have healthy strong teeth in our old age, and can still enjoy steak at 70. I love the simple designs I received, coincidentally, they are mostly in purple which is my favourite colour, and two black ones for John, smirks.


We are using the Target Sensitive Range, which is the latest addition to Jordan’s extensive range of dental care. I love the super soft bristles that is very slim, only 0.01mm, so it can clean really deeply and really well. I used to think that HARD brushes are better in cleaning my teeth, but nowadays, I realised that the softer the better. It might make me brush longer, but it’s better to be longer that using harsh brushes that can hurt my gums. Using Target Sensitive which has 80% more bristles, I feel that my teeth is extra clean, and the bristles being tiny is able to reach the in between parts of my teeth, like a flossing action, thus I don’t feel like I have stuffs stuck in between. Of course, I still floss and do a mouth rinse for that extra cleanliness. The handle of the toothbrush is very thin, apparently this is called Ergonomic design that dentists love, because it feels like those dental instruments. Not many people know this but some people even use strawberries to keep their teeth white and as a bonus, this also helps to keep your breath fresh.

Tell me, how many times do you brush your teeth a day, and what are your oral hygiene habits like?

And read Delaney Park Dental resources for more information about teeth care.

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