How to Cancel your TM Unifi Service without paying RM500 fine

This is how Unifi promote and do signups, traditionally.

Last May when Unifi finally connected in my area (Kajang), we immediately signed up for it. I signed up for my office as well as my home at the same time when the sales personnel came right to my office. For my office, we signed up for the BIZ5 and for my home VIP5. For the first few weeks in my office, we were quite pleased with the speed. Prior to that, we were using Streamyx 4Mbps and it was quite bad, not stable and always offline and slow. Unfortunately, the new speed only lasted a short while. We started experiencing connectivity issues on a daily basis or a few times a week. I had to call Unifi Call Line many times a week and our work productivity also suffered. For eg, it seems everyday around 4pm, we cannot connect to the internet at all. We had to on and off the modem so many times a day, and eventually we even changed a new modem ourselves to no avail. The technicians from TM did come promptly whenever we make complaints, but they too didn’t really know how to rectify. What was funny was, one time they even asked me about P1 as if they were interested in signing up for it. Finally, we thought, enough! We found out about Maxis Broadband and made a long hard decision to cancel Unifi and sign up for that, which incidentally for 10Mbps was cheaper than Unifi’s 5Mbps. There was only one problem, we would have to pay RM500 for not fulfilling 2 years contract with Unifi. Which is what this post is about, coz we ended up not paying for that. How you ask?

1) Call in to complain EVERY TIME you face a problem with Unifi and make a record about it. They will have a record too. 1-300-88-1221 Call this number. Record all your calls, time, date, person you talked to.

2) Take a screen capture of all the times the speed was bad. Use This site also allows you to capture all the recent data and export it to an excel sheet. Keep that data.

3) After the technicians have come at least 5 times to your premise, changed this and that and still the problem persists, write in a formal cancellation letter stating the dates you have complained and complete with the data ( of the times Unifi could not perform to its promised speed. For us, sometimes it was below 0.5 Mbps.

4) The only way to cancel is to bring all your documents you received during the Unifi Signup to your nearest TM Point together with your complaint letter. Bring along the IC of the person who signed up and your company chop. You should request to be waived of the fine in your letter. Bring alone the modem, Dect phone etc. The reason being, without the Modem, the cancellation of your account cannot proceed, and thus you will have to continue paying the next bill. Do not believe them when they say their technicians will come and collect it at your premise, they most probably will take forever and your pro-rated bill will increase. It will take some time before they confirm your waive, as the letter has to be sent to the accounts department, but if you have sufficient data, it should proceed smoothly. From experience, the customer service at the counter will be very nice about everything.

That’s it, follow the steps, remember more detailed the better, you should be able to safe RM500. For us, after changing to Maxis, everything is beautiful and fast. Even though it is said that Maxis rides on Unifi Fibre also, but somehow, they do not experience the instability of Unifi. Somehow someway. This article is in no way a guarantee, there is a risk involved if you decide to proceed, it is solely based on my personal experience.

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  1. Great that you managed to get away from Unifi without paying but your method to get out from Unifi will no apply to every other Unifi customers. Not everyone suffer the same fate as yours. Sigh.

    • Did you end up paying for it? Yea that’s y I said no guarantee, still a risk. I did not cancel my own home Unifi also coz did not face as many probs as the office one.

  2. Thanks for this. I’m about to cancel the unifi contract expiring in three months. I asked how to cancel over the helpline and the girl said no need notice period or anything post contract. Didn’t mention about the returning of equipments. Unifi customerservice so incompetent, much much worse than streamyx although both in same company. Unifi helpline some more costs money to call. Thanks for this article else,I’m sure they will continue to charge.. (FYI, I had streamyx in my old premise, even returning phone at TM point, they still kept sending bills and till now I haven’t got back my deposit). Like it or not,it needs to be a private enterprise not post-privatisation firm to be efficient. That TM still behaves like government bodies after all these years due to their monopolistic power…

  3. 我的unifi不能使用已经两个星期,也已经通知,可是还是没结果。

  4. Just went to TM Point to terminate my Unifi. Was told that the process to waive the RM500 early termination penalty is to make a formal complain at TM Point and let them troubleshoot it and if still face problems then they can waive penalty for you. Of course not all TM Point CS will share with you this so the risk is still there

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