Product Review: Skecher’s SKCH+3

I received this pair of SKCH+3 in Beige Suede last May to assist in this review and finally, after wearing it all over the place, I’m ready to write about it.

Skechers lifestyle shoes review

Hidden wedges are a new thing for me before I saw this pair of shoes. Heels that look sporty, adds height yet does not sacrifice comfort? Is that even possible. I’m happy to report, yes it’s possible. I’m not that tall so anything that adds height will be a plus for me, unfortunately, unlike most girls, I have never been able to wear heels boldly, hide the pain and walk on. I’d rather sacrifice looks for comfort, that’s me. So all my life, I only wear flats. Of course, I do have heels but only for events where I don’t need to walk much, and never more than 2 inch. The last time I wore shoes with height was a supposedly a comfort heels wedges, and I wore it while pregnant and walked the whole Mid Valley with it and went to an event where there were no seats. I nearly died. So that was the last for me, until SKCH+3 (actually pronounced as Sketch plus 3).


I put it on in the store and it was love at first sight. How can it be some comfortable? I’m not saying that just because I’m writing for Skechers, it is the serious truth. If you don’t believe it just go and try a pair yourself. Granted, my heels are a bit lifted so if I walk really long in it, I will still feel some soreness. Nevertheless, it does not bite into my feet or cause any pain there at all. It is made of Suede, so it does worry me a little since it’s light coloured, what if it got stained etc. Will, after all these while, I did managed to get it wet a little and the stain did stay, but the Skechers employee told me I can get a kind of stone from any shoe store that can clean off the stain. I haven’t tried that yet, as the stain is not that obvious.

I love that the SKCH+3 can be worn with nearly anything, it looks great with a dress, leggings or pants. Whenever I wore it, people had stopped to ask me about it, even in Facebook pics, people had asked me where to get it etc. One friend say it’s cute, a stranger remarked nice boots, another friend immediately recognised it’s Skechers and asked me for the price. Well, it’s RM359 if you were wondering. It also comes in black and many other designs that are sporty and cute too.


Disclaimer: I was not paid for this review. However, I did receive the product for free to assist in my reviews. The opinions in this blog post are 100% mine.

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