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When I was in university, Mines shopping mall was like the only most accessible mall to us, yet I thought it was boring and terrible for shopping. Well, all that has changed pretty much, as they totally upgraded it and added a new wing. Now Mines have one of the most stocked and biggest FOS and Reject Shop which I love to shop for baby clothes, some fancy boutiques, great food like Big Apple Donuts, Carl’s Jr, Secret Recipe etc etc. So last week while walking around there, we discovered the new wing and the new floor with the Splash Park for kids. On that floor, Level 5, there is a very new baby’s room, in bright orange!

It pretty exciting to find the place, else the whole Mines doesn’t have a proper nice nursing room at all. This nursing and diaper change room is big, probably up to 10 babies can change diapers at one time.

There are four sinks for washing up, and nice padded orange diaper change areas, up to 3 separate areas outside, and some more in the rooms.
There are a couple of rooms with nice sliding doors.
On every diaper change area, there are instructions on how to do it properly. I just don’t really like that drawing of the baby, what’s up with the art man? The baby has total black eyes!
So, inside the room is also quite impressive, great if you have twins as the diaper change area is so wide. You get your personal wash area too.

The nursing chair though, looks more like a saloon swivel chair. Hardly comfortable enough.

Another view from outside looking into one of the rooms, neat.

The major problem is, the aircond is not on on this floor. There are only a 2 stores on this level, a big restaurant, a karaoke and the splash park. I’m not sure if they’d ever switch the aircond on, coz it’s pretty impossible to nurse baby in that heat. And I do wonder why they build it on the 5th floor which people might rarely go….

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  1. Thank you for blogging about this nursing room. It was very helpful for me to get here without having to look for information counter. Although you posted this 9 years ago, the air conditioner at this floor is still not turned on. Sigh* I was sweating by the time I left the nursing room.

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