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Recently, I’m getting quite obsessed with chemicals, be it chemicals found in food, shampoos,cosmetics to bottles. I’ve changed the whole range of my baby’s washing products to organic, and these organics must be ECOCERT chopped. I’ve long known about BPA in baby bottles, so Josiah has never used those bottles that contain BPA, do you know even Avent bottles contain BPA? Well, most of the concerns of researchers are on infants but not adult humans, nevertheless, I am taking steps to lower my BPA consumption on things that I can control, like my water bottle at work and at home.

I have a 1litre bottle I use at work only, and I use it everyday whole day, at least consuming 2 bottles of it a day. Therefore, it is only safe that I use something really safe, like stainless steel bpa free. So I’m dumping my old bottle, which happened to be Tupperware, and got myself the Bros stainless steel range.

Then I got another matte yellow bpa free plastic bottle for use on the bed, I need a bottle of water on my bed, coz whenever baby woke me up I get so thirsty myself. So this, I use daily too. The plastic range is cheap, only RM15.90 while the stainless steel one cost RM49.90. However, not all Bros bottles are BPA free! I nearly got misled and bought the one labeled ‘safe to use’ which is the ones with clear see thru plastic. So, after standing over the so many choices of bottles, I finally realised only the matte ones are bpa free, and that came with a sticker on it. Oh well.

So seriously, I cannot eliminate ALL BPA from my life, there’s many plastic things still lying around, like the water dispenser at work, is RO water in plastic container, drinks in bottles we take at restaurants, canned drinks, canned food, etc etc. My many containers at home and blender, all made from plastic. I can however, give my baby a good start, he uses only bpa free plastic or stainless steel tableware. Even though there’s no proof how bad it is right now, you never know what they can reveal with ongoing research, so better safe than sorry. And guess what, water doesn’t taste stale in steel bottle…

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