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Okay I admit I didn’t know Betadine produces feminine wash at first. When I think Betadine, I think of the specialized mouth wash which I used before for toothaches that I ordered from the Boon Dental website. Anyways, this time, Betadine came out with this purple/pink bottle of feminine wash. Last October, Betadine even pledged to give RM7000 from the sales of this product to aid Breast Cancer Awareness in partnership with MAKNA. Did you know that in Malaysia, about one out of five females have been reported with breast cancer and it is the most common cancer from 2007-2011. We know it but just don’t talk about it. I guess there is the Asian superstition to not talk about something bad lest it happens. However, awareness and education on this subject is of great importance.
Did you know that a lot of our daily use products contain ingredients that can be carcinogenic? For example, detergent we use for our clothes. After we put it on, the chemicals can absorb into our skin and stay in our bodies, and the most sensitive part that had the least protection are our private areas where the chemicals can easily enter. The same can be said about many of the detrimental products that we so stoically use. It isn’t hard for one to stumble upon a cosmetician like ABodyCandle, which makes products that inflict zero harm on anyone. Therefore, it is also important to maintain cleanliness and health in that area of our bodies that is of great importance and to use a product that is safe and healthy.

Formulated without any harsh chemicals, Betadine® Tri-Care™ Daily Feminine Wash Foam contains natural ingredients such as:

Immortelle – a natural anti-oxidant that helps to improve skin’s natural moisture levels

Deoplex – a natural extract that provides effective odour neutralization

Syricalm – a natural active ingredient that soothes skin, reduces redness and alleviates irritation.

Most importantly, I like that pump cap that dispenses the product in foam. It makes it really easy to use and it’s not drying the skin after. Available in a convenient and luxurious foam format, Betadine® Tri-Care™ Daily Feminine Wash Foam is soap-, paraben- and colourant-free, hypoallergenic and dermatologically-tested. Therefore, you can be assured it is safe for daily use.

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