Kinohimitsu 2-Day Speed Cleansing Review


Detox is really important for me so I do it quite frequently. I found out about this new Kinohitmisu 2-Day Speed Cleanse which is really attractive as I only need to do it for 2 days! I don’t think I can last very long without solid food but 2 days should be fine.


This 2 day speed cleansing promises 10 goodness for my body which includes 1) Flatter Tummy 2) Clearer and smoother skin 3) Improved energy levels 4) Reset Metabolism 5) Natural Weight Loss 6) Improved digestive health 7) Improve insulin sensitivity 8) Boost Immunity 9) Reduce cravings 10) Improve whole body well-being


In the box there are 3 types of different colour packets to differentiate their uses for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s really convenient.


Yellow is for breakfast, Green is for Lunch, and Red is for dinner.


This is the method to take the powder. Just add 2 packets in water each time. They are supposed to be meal replacements so I am not supposed to eat solid food while drinking this. At the same time, I have to drink a lot of water, a total of 3 litres a day which is common for me.


What are the ingredients in these packets? For breakfast, the yellow pack contains Garcinia Cambogia which I know is great for fat burning and increase metabolism. It also contains Green Coffee that is able to balance blood sugar levels so it’s great for diabetic conditions. The morning drink is meant for cleansing and shaping.


For breakfast I drank the Cleanse and Shape. It’s fairly easy to mix it in cold or warm water and I can see the fiber which is from Psyllium Husk. The drink will thicken to become gooey if I leave it for a while. It tastes of passion fruit thus the yellow colour. I would I love the taste, it is just like fruit juice.


I actually got really hungry before lunch so these are what I munch on, fruits. Eating a lot of watermelon is great as the water keeps me full.


For lunch, I drank two packets of the Cleanse and Boost. This contains Organic Wheatgrass to balance our body’s PH and taste of Kiwi. Also, it contains Spirulina which is great for cell and DNA damage.  By the way, I also skipped coffee and tea while doing the detox! It was quite hard to bear but it was better than skipping coffee while not detoxing. I find that the drinks made me less sleepy especially after drinking it.


I drank the Cleanse and Beauty for dinner quite early, at about 5pm as I was famished by then. Solid food and unhealthy food started to look extremely tempting. This is quite motivating to drink since it is for beauty and it contains collagen to lock in skin moisture and improve skin elasticity. It also contains Acai Berry, Grape Seed and Apple Extract which are great antioxidants to protect us from free radicals. It looks and tastes very berry-ish and sweet. So basically, I drank these for 2 days and though I can’t claim all ten list surprises happened to me very specifically, I can safely say I do feel better and lighter after the 2 days.

Why cleanse?

This is recommended to be taken once a month at least. I do think it is so important for us to detox in one way or another since we consume quite a bit of junk in our diet that are toxic to our body. Furthermore, stress, late nights and city life is quite a burden to our bodies and system. You will realise you have toxin in your body when you always feel tired, fatigue, low energy and age faster than your age. I find that my skin did improve and well, bowel movements was smooth yet was not like having diarrhea which I hated with most other detox tea.

This product is available in Watsons Stores nationwide, so do check them out. They are also available in the individual variants. For more information, do visit


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