Kiku-masamune Skin Care Review

Sake is for drinking, everyone knows that right? It is actually fermented Rice Liquor. However, have you considered to put Sake on your skin? I’ve always known about the goodness of fermentation for skin as well. So, it’s a good opportunity to try this out for myself.


Check out Kiku-masamune range of beauty and skincare products all in pink packaging. They come in really big bottles and tubes as it can be used all over the body. Kiku-masamune was actually founded in Japan in 1659! It’s a really famous Sake brewer in Japan.


This is the Skin Care Cleanser (RM 42.90. This is the first step of the range. It is actually a makeup remover in Gel form. I tried this at the end of the day when I had eyeliner on. Usually, the eye makeup is the hardest to remove, that is why we also use a separate lip and eye makeup remover.

However, my current makeup remover can remove eye makeup easily so I decided to see if Kiku-masamune skin cleanser can do the same. Although it can remove my foundation and BB cream just fine, eye makeup can’t be removed completely.
Although it is gel, is it not transparent, it is a white base colour. It doesn’t foam up but I just applied it all over the face and massage the makeup off. Due to the large tube, I can even use this on my body especially on my arms to remove sunscreen. Yes, sunscreen sometimes need makeup remover to remove you see.

This product is slightly acid in PH Balance and contains no additives and mineral oils. It can be used even on wet hands and face so no worries about that. After cleansing, the feeling is quite nice and the skin is not that tight or dry as it is rather moisturising.

I love double cleansing, so next I would use the Skin Care Wash (RM 39.90) which is a foaming cleanser. Usually, I do double cleansing to really remove all makeup and dirt. Remember that this a cleanser blended with sake. The cleanser is claimed to be able to remove impurities and sebum deep inside the pores.

Texture wise is also white and creamy. It makes a lot of foam when added with water. If you foam it enough, it can be really fluffy! The sake is what adds additional amino acids and minerals. I’m not sure about this, but the ingredients state that they used placenta extract and arbutin. After cleansing, the skin feels quite good without the taut and tight feeling. Although it is sake, it is not like alcohol laden skincare that is very strong on the skin to cause dryness.

After cleansing, I will use the lotion which is used like toner but in Japanese skincare, they always use lotion. There are two types of Sake Skin Lotion. The white bottle one is the normal standard Skin Lotion (RM 42.90) in a big 500ml bottle.


It comes in an easy to use pump bottle and the texture is very watery. Have you heard of the Lotion Mask method by Chizu Saeki? I guess it is quite famous now and this lotion is just perfect to use with that method considering the size. I usually feel a bit wasteful when using the method with other pricier small bottles of lotions.
To use this lotion as a lotion mask, I use the DIY Sheet mask from Watsons. I can also use cotton squares with it as well. After dampening it, I pump the lotion on the cotton generously.

After opening it up, that’s how the mask looks like. I put this on on my face for about 3 minutes. After taking it off, my face really feels hydrated and moisturised and ready for the next step of skincare. Did you know in the old days before cosmetics existed, Geishas used to put Sake on their face as a moisturising ingredient? That is how they maintained their beautiful skin despite the heavy makeup.


Skin Care Lotion High Moist (RM 49.90) is a different option for dry skin. I use this lotion exactly the same way as above. For this one, there is added ceramide for more moisturizing effect. There is only one thing I didn’t like about the pump bottle. I have to be extra careful when dispensing as the pump will suddenly jerk and dispense a lot of product, as in it will spray the product! So I have to hold my palms really close to the top and press slowly. Aside from that, I once again love how I can use this lotion for my whole body and not just my face.

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The final step is the Skin Care Emulsion (RM 49.90)  which is like the moisturiser. The Emulsion is a non-greasy moisturizer that keeps your skin smooth. The sake scent on this one is lighter and sweeter. This emulsion contains two times more amino acids than toning water (equivalent to the amount in two large sake bottles). It is outstanding not only in terms of oil content, but also in terms of moisturizing power.

Texture is not creamy but thicker than the water of course. It is really easy to apply it on the skin and absorbs well leaving a smooth and clean feeling. Once again, I happy to use this on my whole body so now I need like shelves in my bathroom so I can place all these big bottles of products. The whole body’s skin is as important as the face! Thanks to The Butterfly Project for the opportunity to review these products.

Kiku-masamune is currently available @ Selected Aeon Wellness & SASA stores so do check them out there as they are really affordable in price!

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