What does end-to-end encryption on Whatsapp Mean?


This morning, as you woke up and send a message to your usual Whatsapp group or groups, you probably saw the above message appear.

Messages you send to this group are now secured with end-to-end encryption. Tap for more info.

I think most people won’t tap for more info, so I’m just writing this post to tell you what that means, or you can just read the full blown explanation direct from Whatsapp blog themselves. Coz my sis was like, huh encrypted? What’s that?

Don’t worry, it’s good news.

It basically means that all your chats, every call, message, photo, video, file, voice, whatever it is that you send on Whatsapp will be encrypted by default and not even the people at Whatsapp can view them. That includes Group Chats too. In this day and age, using online messengers like Whatsapp, Kakao, Line, Facebook is just the norm of life but we can’t help but wonder if someone is watching in the big cyber world out there and stealing our messages. I guess it’s fine if you’re not sending any serious messages but you just never know if your messages can be misused against you. So kudos to Whatsapp for being the leader of the pack by coming up with the great technological advancement to offer end-to-end encryption. So phew, now you can send messages with ease. One thing to note, make sure you’re using the latest version to let it be turned on by default.

Some funny tweets about this new tech today:

So all this while whatsapp can read my msg? Omaigad my nudes

Good news that “Whatsapp messages are now encrypted so that WA and 3rd parties cannot read it”. Just a warning that spouses still can 😉

Whatsapp announcing our msgs can no longer be read by 3rd parties is like when McDs said their fries are now made with real potato.

WhatsApp messages are now fully encrypted, so you can get back to planning your crimes there

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