The Gentlest Moisturizing Cream by Cetaphil

Not so long ago, I started using the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser together wtih the Moisturizing Cream and I must say, I am loving them.

I love how the packaging is so no frills, a simple white tube of cream. Rather than a jar type, the tube packaging makes it more hygienic as I only need to squeeze out the right amount. The Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream is specially formulated for people with dry and sensitive skin. It is said to be able to help the very chronic type of dry skin.

There is a lot to be loved about this Moisturizing cream, especially if you suffer from sensitive skin like me. Firstly, it is fragrance free, as much as I love what smells great, they can become quite the irritant. I would really prefer something without the extra chemicals on my skin. Also, due to that it is beneficial for all skin types, but extra great for people suffering from very sensitive, dry, or eczema-prone skin. My sister has eczema and this is the only type of cream she can allow to touch her skin in order not to flare up.

The cream is pretty thick when squeezed out, I believe there is a lighter version called the lotion. For this one, I like that it doesn’t drip out due to the thickness. Yet it is not oily at all. Once applied to the skin, it simply absorbs and create a layer of moisture, locking the moisture on your skin. There is no greasy residue at all from the cream.

How do I use this? I use it right after a shower, before drying up. I apply this cream all over my body and if I want to, on my face too. Why do I do this? I read that the humectants and emollients in the cream is able to draw moisture from the water into the skin and lock it in. In fact, I heard of this method many many moons ago told by my sister of this old woman who has skin so youthful because she uses a cream right after her shower before wiping dry, and then only wipes after applying the cream. I knew that but hardly practiced it until now when I started using Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream and realises it has the same method. We not only need to care for the skin on our face, but our whole body too isn’t it? Also, I ensure to use it before sleeping as sleeping time is a time my skin heals and repairs.

This 100g tube is also light and easy to bring out in my handbag. So now I bring it to work so I can apply it anytime while working in an airconditioned environment, you know how drying it can get right?


Anyways, I just applied it on my hands this morning and I could feel the difference immediately, my skin feels extra soothed, smooth and rejuvenated even though I do not have extra dry skin. With continuous use I am sure, I can maintain a youthful moist skin for years to come. I just saw on Facebook that there is a 15% discount going on now until 4th January 2016 only at Caring Pharmacy

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23 Responses to The Gentlest Moisturizing Cream by Cetaphil

  1. I have to say, Cetaphil was the brand that helped me clear my acne problem, finally. That has been some years already, and I still feel good about the brand.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I will definately try Cetaphil as I have a super dry skin. Hoping that it will work for me.

  3. Thanks for the advice on the product, i have been using another product on my hands and boy, im even considering changig it because i don’t see or feel any difference.

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