Christmas Gift Idea 2: CiUM- Asia’s First Kissing Lip Balm Review


Are you searching for the perfect Christmas gift for that girl or guy you love? Why not consider this very new lipbalm called CiUM. Such a unique concept so let me tell you why. This lipbalm is actually conceived by AirAsia’s pilot Shaun Quah with his girlfriend who is also a pilot. You know how it is right? They have to fly here and there, and hardly see each other. So they had to be in an LDR or Long Distance Relationship. They say, absence makes the heart fonder. I can just imagine how much they think of each other day and night, you think?

Trouble is, anyone who has flown in the plane before will testify how drying the air is. Imagine all the cracked lips from just one flight. Shaun and his beloved girl had to stand hours on flights, just imagine how terribly cracked their lips would be by the time they meet. Thus CiUM was created, they come in a pair, one for him and one for her. Lovers can make sure that their lips are always moisturised and prepared for that date or that day they are meeting. Very romantic right?

CiUM lipbalm comes in 4 different pairs of flavours.

a) CiUM Sambal/Ais
b) CiUM Meeko/S’berry
c) CiUM Jumbo/Ying
d) CiUM Zac/Kimmy

I will only be reviewing Sambal/Ais. The packaging is simple and the love story is even on the box. The tube of lipbalm is in black and red, colours of passion I suppose. Choose the flavour for your girl and one for the guy. When they kiss, the flavours will mix together and produce a sensation that intensifies kissing! Sizzle and pop huh. Taste wise, Shaun is right about the after taste of some lipbalm being oily and yucky. It feels weird and makes you not want to use it again, but not the case with CiUM. It is actually sweet. The Ais flavour is also cooling after application. There is no colour which is great. The lipbalm contains shea butter to totally moisturise your lips and keep it soft and kissable at all times.


CiUM can be ordered online and they are ongoing promotions now. Pre-order it now for Valentine’s Day to get a special packaging and special price too. CiUM is also available in all AirAsia flights, Lazada and Rakuten.

jordan kiss me
As for me, I get my daily dose of kisses from this boy.

28 Responses to Christmas Gift Idea 2: CiUM- Asia’s First Kissing Lip Balm Review

  1. Packaging looks a lil’ cheap looking but the function is all that matters right? Have you tried using this in any of your recent travels?
    Because i tried many lipbalms when i was in Japan, yet my lips still ends up cracked every morning despite the efforts of coating the the night before πŸ™

  2. Ah… you got the AIS one. Being hearing this is the better version but still, others are not too bad πŸ™‚ Makes my lips feel more cooling, perfect for Malaysia weather πŸ™‚

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