Laneige Beauty Road in Kuala Lumpur

butterflies with seon hwang

Last Saturday, Butterfly Project Bloggers graced the Laneige Beauty Road with BB Cushion event held in Mid Valley mall over the weekend. We got to have a tonne of fun learning about the new BB Cushion from none other than Korean Top Model, Hwang Se-On 황세온 or Seon Hwang as she likes to be called.

At 1pm, the show kicked off with a high energetic dance number by some top Korean dancers from Dancing 9, a dancing show in Korea reminiscent of So You Think You Can Dance. Watch the vid below, their dancing is SO good.

After that, us butterflies get to enter the stage area for the interview with Miss Seon Hwang. Check out how radiant and glowing everyone was under the spotlight no doubt. There were some quizzes with special gifts given and I managed to get called to answer one of them, and won myself the Laneige Brightening Sparkling Water Capsule Mist and the Brightening Sparkling Water Pop Essence. I was so over the moon!


Miss Foong Winnie talked a little about the Beauty Road by Laneige that is taking the BB Cushion from Singapore to Bangkok and now to KL, before heading to Beijing, Xian, Chengdu and Shanghai. With the tour, more people will get to know about the BB Cushion and it’s many benefits, from Pore Control, Semi-matte finish, long lasting, UV Protection, cooling sensation and pore coverage. I must admit, I learned so much about the BB Cushion and how I had used it wrongly when I tried the sample a week before.

Seon Hwang finally took the stage after battling the KL Traffic, looking absolutely gorgeous in a white, peekaboo dress. All the girls, including Belinda marvelled at her porcelain complexion and slender built. By the way, she speaks fluent English because Seon Hwang actually grew up in New Zealand and is managed by Clyne, a New Zealand based Model Management group. At only 20 this year, this top model has already graced the cover of Vogue Australia besides being in several spreads in fashion mags.

Seon Hwang shared some makeup tips, and she owed her beautiful skin to none other than the Laneige BB Cushion, a must have for her and she said it can be used once for the whole day without much touch ups. I learned that the BB Cushion is not like other BB Cream, it is also a treatment cream. Using it all day won’t cause breakouts, and it covers perfectly with a professional touch using the special puff, so eliminating usage of brush or even our hands. It is super convenient to use with the beautiful case that can be taken out on the go. She also shared some fitness tips on how to keep looking slender, that is mainly to do lots of stretching and to drink lots of water. Amazingly she dislikes exercising, thanks to good genes she doesn’t need to.

We were also treated to a makeup demo by Laneige Beauty Trainer Cat Koh Yeung Eun who is a delight to watch, she is so adorably cute 귀여워요! She loves to strike poses when we want to take her pics, and I love her smile. Watch the vid above for the full makeup tips from her! It’s simple and easy to do and I learned so much about how to do the straight eye brows and the gradient lip colour.

Korean Style makeup is all about looking flawless yet looking like you are not really wearing makeup, the natural or nude look. Eye liners are drawn in the inside of the lids rather than outside. Lips are to look like it’s naturally pink without the strong lid liners. Face is to be matte and dewy without over powdering and caking. Lots of makeup actually go in to making it look makeup less, amazing! Basically, for eg. Makeup to make the eyes bigger has to look like you actually have big eyes, rather than you have lots of makeup that make your eyes big. That’s why you do not see a lot of eye shadow on Korean women, they use mostly natural shades and coral shades to play with shadows and shading. The colour of choice for eye brows are always brown rather than black which would be too dark. I learned so much and it’s super interesting!

Laneige Beauty Road is filled with fun and interesting activities.

There’s this huge BB Cushion mock up with a padlock on it on the stage. Apparently, the MC will announce at random times for people to line up in front of this mysterious BB Cushion and they will be given keys to try to unlock it. Those that have keys that can unlock it will win prizes within. Such a cute idea.

Besides that, they keep giving away free mini BB Cushion, which I believe can be used for 1-2 times application. I got like 3 just standing around the road show. They also used drones to fly around and doing drops for whoever wants it and lifted up their hands.

I also participated in the Missions, starting with liking their FB Page. I got a wrist tag for them to stamp on at every station.

The 2nd station was to test out the BB Cushion and to find out what colour suited me most, I got 21P Pink Beige. The BB Cushion now comes in various tones, which is awesome so all skin colour can use this product.


At the 3rd station, we can get a printed photo with the photobooth. It is funny as the face of Song Hye Kyo is on the photo, as if I took a pic with her ya. It’s ok since she did not come to Malaysia.

After completing the tasks, I received a sticker and this Korean made bracelet, how sweet. Those that were early also received extra gifts such as BB Cushions and more.

At the same time, the emcees on stage were also giving away freebies. I got the Laneige Sleeping Kit just by taking a pic of the beauty road logo and uploading it on my facebook profile, so simple. I reckon nobody would go home empty handed at Laneige Beauty Road.

Those who love getting all dolled up could also get a makeover done the Korean way with these special makeup artists. I really wanted to get a makeover done by Shawn Jeong, unfortunately he had like a list of appointments made waiting for him, and I had to wait till 4pm, which I couldn’t so I had to skip that. 🙁

Lots of Laneige Skin care products were on offer that day as well, especially those who bought the sets, they get more freebies like bags and discounts.


Those who purchased products worth RM280 received a 7-pc gift set & a beauty pouch! If they topped up to RM520 they get to take home an additional 2-pc gift set, plus a shoulder bag! I definitely saw lots of people lining up to get the gift sets that day, because Laneige products is top notch quality for sure.

The goodies just for attending the Beauty Road, no one should miss this! I love all the products, the BB Cushion already followed me to work today. Thanks to Butterfly Project Malaysia for the invitation!

For more information, check out their official website at or their official Facebook page at AND instagram at

18 Responses to Laneige Beauty Road in Kuala Lumpur

  1. The Koreans always have such beautiful complexion. Sometimes i envy them! I guess must be because of the skin care and also the food they eat there 🙂

  2. Gurl, you look like you had a lot of fun! I loved how cute cat was at the event with her poses! AND OMG! The prizes that you won! So lucky! Looking forward to more updates on the products on your blog 🙂

  3. Hi dear!
    I been to the event in the second session! Yes Seonihwang is really so pretty and Korean always have this pretty complexion skin. I didn’t join their games though TT

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