A New The Cat in The Hat Interactive Book and Game


Who doesn’t like Dr Seuss The Cat in the Hat? I believe all kids love them and so do parents. Josiah is now 6 and The Cat in The Hat by Dr Seuss was one of the first stories I used to read to him to sleep before bedtime and he loved it so much. We loved reading the actual book and also the iPad app by Oceanhouse, but now there is something totally new and different.

This new app has the same classic story, but it is recreated with delightful animations and interactions for better and more fun learning. Little readers can touch any part of the screen to find words pop up and have a little game to find stars on every page. When the star is collected, there will be a little quiz to test the little reader’s understanding too. It doesn’t matter if little readers can’t read yet, as the voice prompts and graphics are excellent enough to tell the full story.

Every star and every quiz is different, some are choose the right word, some are drag and drop questions, some are fill in missing letters etc. So many types there is no time to get bored. I’d say The Cat in the Hat app used to be just a ebook that reads to you with pics, but now it is a game and an interactive book in one, which makes it so much more worth it to get.

Some of the special new features are:

FEATURES – Tap, drag, and tilt your device to find playful surprises throughout the book – Practice spelling, phonics, rhyming, and reading comprehension in new Learning Activities – Read along with highlighting narration, or read it yourself – Explore new vocabulary by tapping words and pictures – Track minutes spent reading, pages read, and more in the Parents section

LEARNING ACTIVITIES – Hidden stars on every page reveal fun Learning Activities – Developed in collaboration with early literacy experts – Designed specifically for beginning readers – Aligned with kindergarten level English Language Arts (ELA) standards – Enjoy activities again and again, right from the main menu!

The newly designed app includes updates to Oceanhouse Media’s signature text-scaffolding features and the addition of 31 Learning Activities that help kids ages 4 through 6 practice spelling, rhyming, and more. It’s also the first in a new line of educational book apps from Dr. Seuss — “Green Eggs and Ham – Read & Learn” will be available later this summer!

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