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Everybody Feels..Happy or Angry Books Review


Everybody feels…Angry! and Everybody Feels..Happy! are great books from Scholastic to address emotions with our young readers. As children, they might not be able to understand why they feel a certain way when certain situations happen in their lives. Therefore, I think books about feelings are great to teach kids how to handle their emotions better.

Both the books revolve around the lives of Sophie and Ethan and their feelings while playing with their friends. There is actually more than one feeling presented in each book.

The colourful illustrations make the book very attractive to young readers. The words are short and descriptive. The story line takes readers from before to what happened and how they solved their problems.

It showed that talking about our feelings to friends or family is a good way to overcome how we feel. Mostly importantly, it highlights that it is ok and normal for us to feel a certain way. What’s more important to be learned is how to handle it so we can take control of our feelings.

Jordan my 5 year old is trying to show me his angry face. He’s looking more funny than angry I would say. Scholastic really have a wide range of books for all ages.

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