Importance of Personal Hygiene In Crucial Times

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Recently, our nation was badly affected by the flood crisis, and there’s always the ongoing haze issue. My hometown Sarawak was also badly flooded, and we are still foreseeing possible problems in the low lying areas especially during Chinese New Year. Therefore, it is really important to keep our personal hygiene. Lifebuoy, the company that has set out to change the world by teaching good hygiene habits had been instrumental in these crisis recently, by providing antibacterial soap, body wash and hand wash so that people can keep themselves clean and avoid spreading the germs, and thus minimising sickness.

Here are some Tips on Personal Hygiene During Crucial Times

Handwashing with soap after activities
During a natural disaster such as a flood, our hands will often come in contact with flood water or objects exposed to the water. It is important be aware that the floodwater is contaminated with unsanitary items such as rubbish, dead animals, sewage and may even contain contaminants such as poisons. Therefore, it is advised that you wash your hands before and after activities as this will greatly reduce the spreading of germs and bacteria. Always wash your hands with clean water and soap, rub both your hands together to make lather and scrub the front, back, between the fingers, and under fingernails. After scrubbing, rinse off the soap using clean water and dry off using a clean tower or airdrying your hands. If tap water or water source is unsafe, wash hands with soap and water that has been boiled or disinfected. Hand sanitizer is also an easy and effective way to keep your hands protected from germs however ensure that your hands are not too dirty which will render the hand sanitizer ineffective.

Wash your body thoroughly
It is important to ensure that our bodies do not become a haven for germs and bacteria amongst the floodwater. Bathing after a flood should only be done with clean, safe water. However, water not safe for drinking can be used for bathing. When bathing, make sure to wash those hard to reach areas to prevent a clot of dirty from forming.

Ensure to brush your teeth, inside and out
Brush your teeth and gems with only clean water to prevent the formation of germs and bacteria in your mouth. It is important to ensure that your toothbrush also be rinsed thoroughly with safe clean water.

If you have obtained an open wound, tend to your wound immediately
Obtaining wounds and injuries during natural disasters are common hence treating any injuries is of importance to ensure that the condition of it does not worsen, and that germs and viruses do not infect others.
If there are open cuts or sores, keep them as clean as possible by washing well with soap and clean water to control the infection. It is advised to seek immediate medical attention if the wound develops redness, swelling, or drainage.

Create a sufficient care kit
Gathering all the necessities needed during these times into one place saves you the trouble and time of finding it when you need it the most. Try your best to prepare a kit which contains basic necessities including hygiene supplies which you can carry around with you.

Boil and disinfect the water
If you are unsure of water cleanliness, it is always better to ensure that it is clean by killing the germs and bacteria in it. Collect water in a clean container and boil the water or disinfect it using disinfectants and filter the residues in it.

Staying protected with Lifebuoy
With the right superior germ protection on the go, Malaysians can constantly stay protected anytime, anywhere.

Lifebuoy goodie
I personally loved the hand wash and the packaging bottle, it’s easy to use the pump, easy enough for my 6 years old to do it by himself. I gave Josiah a bottle of hand wash yesterday and was surprised he could tell me the correct steps to washing hands, I didn’t give him any tips, really.

Lifebuoy Total 10 Hand Wash contains active thymol, commonly used by the ancient Greeks to ward off infectious diseases. Thymol has been used in medicine for many years due to its anti-infectious properties and its pure oil format is good for warding off colds. The special formula is proven to kill 99.9% of harmful germs in just 10 seconds with advanced ingredients care for skin. Retail price: 200ml; RM6.50. Cheap, we need to use this daily and teach the children better hand washing habits.

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