How To Get A Refund from Iherb

Here’s what’s in the pic above, some things are not in, like the propolis.

I started using Iherb to order supplements and whatever they have since 2012 and had since ordered like 13 times without a problem. My latest shipment thought, had a tiny problem. It arrived so fast with DHL, it was shipped on Friday and I received it on Monday. However, I ordered this propolis as an additional supplement for my boy’s sinus problem but when it arrived, I found that it had leaked more than half. At that time I was so sad and mad coz as you know propolis is very sticky and it had got on my hands and my table. I still can’t get the stain off from the table as you can see in the above pic.


The first thing to do was to contact iherb directly, now they have online chat. Even with the time difference of US and Malaysia, there is still someone there online to answer my questions. Thankfully, I was quick enough to take all the pics of the leak before I even opened the package and cleaned the bottle. Apparently, the cover was a little bit open even though it was sealed. The customer service advised me to send in the pics I had taken to their email, with my order ID. An hour later, I received an email back to confirm that they will refund the amount for the product into my credit card. I was so pleasantly surprised that they reply so quickly, I was thinking it will be tomorrow as stated by this other blogger from Singapore who also managed to get a refund. This gave me a renewed confidence in iherb’s service, sending things from so far away seemed a little risky, but so far it had been very reliable, and my family and I had been able to enjoy iherb’s much lower pricing and special products that we can’t get here.

So here are the summarised steps

1) Check your product when it arrive, immediately

2) If you notice any leaks, damages, broken packages, take a pic immediately

3) Take pics of various angles to show the the fault of the damage, also to prove it was damaged not by you

4) Email with the order ID in your subject and attach your pics accordingly

5) Wait for a reply, which could be as early as an hour after

6) Get your refund in your credit card, this could take a few days

7) Use your credit to continue shopping on iherb!

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