Capsule Hotel by Container Launched in KLIA2

Yesterday, Capsule Hotel by Container was officially launched and we were there to cover the event and to check out this one of a kind and a first in Malaysia transit hotel smacked right in the KLIA2 Gateway.

Getting here

Capsule Hotel is located on Level 1 of KLIA2 Gateway or if taking the lift, it’s at CP1 in Block A Carpark. It’s at a corner of the building so it has some sort of privacy as there’s not many people walking about. On the same floor, you will see the big curry house food court and taxi counters with other other smaller shops like KK Mart.


Capsule Hotel is designed specifically for transit travelers, backpackers on-the-go or frequent fliers. The concept is influenced by Japanese style “Kyosho Jutaku” which means living large on a tiny footprint, where some houses in Japan are no larger than a parking space. Rooms in Capsule Hotel are really small, they are basically the size of a single bed.

That is why Capsule Hotel managed to squeeze 79 rooms into a space of 3,300 square foot, basically the size of a big shop in a mall.

Capsule Hotel is the brain child of Ryan Loo, Chief Executive Director and Vincent Tan, Chief Design Officer of ZU Container. Their first hotel is somewhere near Bukit Bintang, called Container Hotel. Capsule Hotel is also built with recycled containers, and the design is all very ‘eco-friendly’ where everything looks like it is recycled from somewhere, but tastefully done and very classy.

This hotel is very unique, as it is not like you have to enter into a lobby area. As you arrive, there is the Concierge area immediately at the entrance. This is where you can book your room, or check in if you have prebooked online at Being a transit hotel, it does not have a fixed check in time like normal hotels do at 3pm and check out at 12pm. Here, you can check in anytime. You just choose from the 3 packages they have, 3 hours for RM45, 6 hours for RM70 or 12 hours for RM90. This is great for those having to wait a few hours for their next flight but has no place to take a nap or a shower. Interestingly, you can also just use the shower for only RM15 with all the amenities provided, or use the locker for a certain fee per day.

Immediately next to the concierge is the Capsule Bar. Here you can unwind and get a drink, halal and non-halal also got, listen to some music and network with other travelers. It’s a very small area only however, doubt a huge number can fit here, plus it’s also a very public place.

Meanwhile, guests and media were treated with free flow of Chatime courtesy of big brother Bryan Loo.

This is a sign to show guests how to go about in Capsule Hotel, basically just follow these steps. After checking in, you can just leave your luggage in the huge lockers provided.

This is a very creative shoe rack. Japanese sandals are provided for guests so you don’t have to walk about with your own shoes and dirty the place. You may place your own shoes here and change to sandals or leave your shoes in your locker.

This is the very cool looking shared bathroom and toilets, which are separated to male and female.

They have a full featured rain shower which is worth every RM15 you pay for if you’re just here for a shower.

And here’s the capsule room! I thought it would be claustrophobic but it’s really not, it’s very nicely designed and thought out. There’s a foldable wall table with a mirror inside, you can use your laptop on this. There’s a small locker underneath the pillow to store your important things. There’s even a phone for you to set wake up calls in case you are late for your connecting flight. You can switch the lights off yourself before sleeping. Now most people are wondering about the privacy, no doors how?

There is this draw down curtain which is lockable from inside. Sure, it’s not like a door and seems flimsy, but I’m quite sure nobody would force their way in when you are asleep. It looks transparent when the lights are on, but turn it off and you can’t see anything from outside already. Anyways, the capsules are also divided into male and female areas for added security. There is also a curtain drawn changing room outside with a full length mirror if you want to change your clothes comfortably.

Here is John trying out the Orthorest bed to see how comfy it is, apparently quite comfortable after all. As you can see, the room is not that tiny, quite spacious, you can sit up without knocking your heads on the ceiling. I’d say it’s better than those bunk beds in the train.

A look from the top floor all the way down.

As the beds are really just for sleeping, hanging out with your travel buddies in them is highly discouraged. So there is this area called the library way at the back for you to hang out. It’s called the library because you can later do book exchanges here. A nice place to meet new pals as well while watching passengers go up and down the bus outside.

We ended the tour of Capsule Hotel with some nice food from Wondermama, Salmon and Scallops, great taste.

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3 Responses to Capsule Hotel by Container Launched in KLIA2

  1. Hi,

    I tried the hotel few days back. It was lovely. I booked a 3 hours duration.
    BUT, here is my comment:

    a) The foldable laptop table is too tall, as when you sit down, the table is too high up.

    b) I cant see where i can lock the flimsy curtain. I was able to just pull it down really low.

    But overall, its a great concept!

    Kudos to the owner,


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