How to Decrease Sugar Intake

The last few days, I keep hearing about people getting diabetes that lead to amputation and eventually death. Today, my sis also told me about a mother and son with this horrible disease and how the son did not heed advise to reduce his sugar intake and thus now mother and son are so sick they need a full time nurse to care for them. The bills all footed by a family member who is struggling to stay afloat. My dad has diabetes, so I am considered a high risk group.

In comes Stevia, a natural sweetener. I had been using using Stevia for a while but from another brand and I totally disliked it. It just changes the taste of my drinks, so I gave up. Until recently I found this on iherb, Now Better Stevia. It comes in all kinds of flavours, I am personally using the Cinnamon Vanilla and French Vanilla flavour, and both these flavours work extremely well for coffee.

The bottle seems very small but I only really need max of 3 drops in a big mug of coffee. I think this small bottle can kind of last me forever. After using it for a long time, I still have more than 3 quarter full in the bottle. I have two bottles, one goes everywhere with my in my bag and one sits in the office. I feel a little less guilty to drink my coffee a day without any sugar and without sacrificing the taste. Yes, this better stevia actually makes my coffee taste better. It really depends on the flavour you choose. There’s even a chocolate flavour maybe great with cocoa drinks. Some or most of the flavours are going at a cheaper price of only USD3.95. Normal price is USD10.99. Why doesn’t Malaysia sell more of these kind of healthy products readily everywhere? This is how I decrease my sugar intake, how about you?

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