How To Renew Your Malaysian Expired Driving License

Something so weird happened today. I was chatting with my sis Chris, and she told me she just found out that her driving license is expired since May. She really only checked as she was checking for her colleague who wanted to renew her license too. I nearly scolded her and said something along the lines of How Can This Be, you should know when your own license expire etc. Then I wondered when is my license expiring. It didn’t feel like so long ago when I last renewed it. For the heck of it, just check la. I nearly swore when I took out my license because it had expired since last year Nov! Seriously, I totally forgot about it, meaning I had been driving illegally throughout this year! Never mind, this is the time I had to find out how to renew my already expired license.

I went to JPJ’s website and found out that from now on, all licenses have to be renewed at local JPJ branches, we can no longer do it at the post office until further notice. The reason is that the Government is now changing all the old laminated Driving License to proper card ones like our My Kad. Incidentally, it will be called Driving License with High Security Features, something that cannot be easily duplicated by anyone. The fee for the card/license remains the same, RM30 per year and we can renew it for 1,2,3,4, or 5 years though it is advisable to renew at least for 2 years.

Check out the FAQ in B.M.

To apply for the new card, you have have to visit your local JPJ. You don’t even need to bring your own photo, but you can. A photobooth will be prepared there and your photo can be snapped on the spot, so make sure to come all groomed. If you bring your own photo, you have to digitise it there with the scanner provided. More work, I think. In future, you will only have one same photo for My Kad and Driving license and they will have your database to retrieve your photo. That’s in the works but not sure when it will take effect. Phototaking there in JPJ is free of charge.

Update August 2014

Good news! Now you can just drop by any local post office to get your NEW Driving License, the pink colour one. I so happened to be sending something at the post office the other day when I saw the above poster, and I was like, I don’t think my license can be renewed since it’s expired for 2 years already. For the heck of it, I just asked the lady at the counter, and she said, can be done! I was so excited. It’s the same price of RM30 a year. I just quickly renewed 5 years and the machine is in the post office itself and the license is printed on the spot. Kudos to JPJ for making life easier for us instead of having to go the JPJ and line up behind 300 people daily. No photo is needed as your photo from your MyKad will be used automatically. So if you want a nice pic, get your MyKad renewed first! I haven’t pic is like from those days…


UPDATE 14 Jan 2016

Once again I was late to renew my driving license this year! I forgot again that the renewal date will coincide with birthdate, just like I forgot when to contest a speeding ticket in Fort Lauderdale, but that was long ago. Hiring a lawyer for speeding tickets was a solution to my problem. Anyway, the issue of “how can I get a warrant lifted” was happily avoided. So I went to Tesco Kajang post office to renew for 1 year but I was told since I was late, I must renew for 2 years. That cost RM62.10. Is that GST? I don’t know. The process of printing the license only takes a while, and they use the machine above pictured. Cool machine eh. Fresno car accident lawyers can assist you right from evidence collection to other legal formalities needed to fight your car collision case.

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  1. So did you finally renewed yours? I didn’t know I can do it up to 5 years, else I’ll probably settle for that. Less hassle.

  2. Hi, need some help here. My boss are Korean, since he doesn’t caring Mykad, do you think he can still go post office to renew his licence? Thanks.

  3. Hi, i met with an accident today. One car hit the rear of my bumper.only at the polc statn, i realized my driving license expired in June2013.polc said i nd to go to jpj to take exam.m confused.can i go to post offc 2 renew?tq.

      • I just went to the JPJ and asked for a renewal of expired P license and apparently I must resit the test again.

        • From what i understand, i think that’s most likely because you did not renew your licence for 3 years or more, that’s why you have to resit the practical test again…..BUT if your licence has been expired for 2 years, then you still get to renew your licence without the need for resiting the test

          • You had to retake it because it was a P license that was not converted to a full CDL. only CDLs are valid for 3 years. P is valid for 1 year.

  4. Hi, I had just passed my driving test and I’m waiting to get my P license. Do I need to pay when I collect my license?

    • Hi I don’t think so, but I can barely remember since it’s years ago, they might have changed the rules? Your driving instructor should be the one that give it to you if not mistaken.

  5. Hi,just want to ask if my driving license is not expired yet, can I go to the post office/JPJ to change it to the new driving license?


  6. Morning! I came from Sarawak, but I study in KL. Last year I found out that my PDL license has expire I try to renew at KL but they told me that since I am PDL I have to go back to Sarawak to renew, then now when I finally back to Sarawak, JPJ told me that I have to retake the test because it is over one year. Is there anyway to avoid the test? Please reply me to
    THANk You

  7. Hi Leona,

    Thank you for having this post. I live abroad most of the time and your blog info really come in useful when I was just thinking about having to renew my driving license next month.

    Thank you and all the best!

  8. For PDL it’s a 1 year grace period. CDL 3 years. You can actually appeal to the JPJ online if it has expired over the grace period given.

  9. Hi Leona, do you know for foreigner who are not in Malaysia right now, yet wants to renew Malaysia drivers license (P license), what can be done? Does it require the license holder to go renew in person, or can ask someone in Malaysia on behalf of the license holder. Thanks so much.

    • Hi im sure You can renew online using and get it delivered to someone you know if your license has not expired more than 3 years

  10. Hi Leona, I live in Australia now. I just realized my Malaysian driving license expired a week ago. Is it possible to renew my licenses online as I’m not able to go back home?

  11. Hi I was wondering is okay if i got to renew my license but my hair is brown and i am wearing contact lens? or is it not allowed ?

  12. Hi there, enjoyed reading your article. 🙂
    Wanted to clarify/ confirm—my MyKad is not the latest, and I wanted to renew my driving license.
    Will they make me make a new MyKad first then only be able to proceed accordingly? or they are able to use any latest passport pic for my driving license?.

    Thanks bunch Leona!

    • No need coz I use my old Mykad too, not a problem but the photo will be the old one from the Mykad if you renew at post office. To use a new pic you need to go jpj

  13. Hi Leona,

    If my driving license haven’t expire yet, can i renew for the new one?
    will they carry forward my expired date?
    because i need the new license design to drive in Perth, and the new card has the english translation.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

  14. hi Leona,
    really need your help over here,
    Since i went UK to study for one year,
    my malaysian probationary driving licence(P license) had expired since 09/05/2014 can i renew it now or i have do I have to retake the test again?

  15. I’m really worried, cos my car license expired on8july,so can I renew ?at post office also can?wait for ur advise, the,lena

  16. leona !!

    i really need your help !!

    Ive been too busy with work until i forgotten to renew my P licence.

    My Malaysian Probationary Driving Licence( P Licence) expired on 12 September 2015, and it is now 30th September 2015, i just found out my licence has been expired for like 3 to 4 weeks !!

    I’m very worried that i have to resit the whole practical test again !!

    my question is:
    Can i still renew my P Licence without the need to resit the practical test ??

  17. hello , how can I renew my driver licence I am foreigner student in UPM ?and my licence will be expire soon? give me the best and easy way please

  18. Hi , If i were to renew my licence in the post office what are the docs that i will have to bring along ? i hv an existing driving licence expires in aug 2017, i have the sheet (without photo) however i have misplaced the one with the photo. Can i still go to the post office with the sheet without the photo to renew ? please advise.

  19. This new pink license card, can it be use for driving during vacation in overseas? saying this, I am omitting the international driving permit they offer.

  20. Hi since I’m working, I asked my cousin to renew my driving licence yesterday. When I checked it today, I noticed that the address stated on my licence is totally different from my add on my ic. What should I do? Thanks.

  21. Hi, if renew expired (2 years) driving licence at post office, will I get new type of licence (card with photo in) or old type (slip being laminated without photo)? Thank you very much.

  22. Hi There – you certainly know alot about licences!

    I am Australian and living in Malaysia. My Malaysian license has expired – I understand you cant renew them at the post office anymore. Do I need to go to the KL JPJ office?

    Thanks so much in advance!

    • I wrote this post about how to renew the license in the post office so I’m not sure why some people think that can’t be done anymore

  23. Hi, if I am from east Malaysia and my driving license (old type) will be expiry on May 2016, can I renew at JB’s post office (coz I currently staying in Sg) ? Will it directly change to new type or old type?

  24. Thanks and could you share with me whether is there any post office near by JB sentral or JB custom?
    Looking forward to your reply soon.
    Many thanks

  25. Hi, my daughter is using her Malaysian driving license to drive in Australia. She had to have it translated to English by NAATI in Brisbane. Her license will be expiring soon, and since she cannot come back as yet, I found out that she can renew her license online through myeg. However, myeg just renews by issuing a laminated slip, with the statement ‘Slip To Be produced with Driving License’, with no other indication that it is an extension or part of the original driving license. Do u know whether the Aussie law enforcement agencies can accept this renewal slip after she sends it to NAATI to have it translated to English, like her original license ?
    I hope u can help me here. Thanks.

    • Hi I wish i can help but really I have no idea about that. I only wrote from Malaysia point of view how to renew if already expired. It’s best that you enquire with Australia’s relevant department about this.

  26. hey there, my P license is expiring in less than a month and may i know where can i renew my my license to the permanent one? Can i do it at any post office or i have to go to JPJ office? I hope you can help me, looking forward to your reply!

    Thanks a lot! 🙂

  27. Hi, I was wondering that if I can renew my PDL without retake the test again, And my license has expired 2 and half years ago… Is there any methods to avoid retake the test?

  28. Hi Leona,
    My Brother working at oversea now. Not able come back to Malaysia to renew his driving license, his license expired on last year Dec’2015 and his license is with me. Can i help him to renew it?

  29. Hi there. I would like to renew my license at the post office.
    What do I need to bring?
    And is it possible for them to use the new photo of my ic if I renew it at the post office?

  30. Hi, im a expat living in KL, I’ve had my malaysian license for many years, but i forgot to renew it, its been expired for 2 months over now. can i still renew it? and can i do this at post office as a foreigner?

    thank you!

  31. Leona,

    The same thing happened to me too. I think I always renew my driver’s license AFTER it has expired. The difference is, in Malaysia, it is easy for you to renew. Here in the Philippines, it can be time consuming. We go from one window to the next, and on each step, there is a waiting time (a queue).

  32. Hi leona, my PDL driving license expired 1 year and 1 month already. I’ve been so busy that i have completely forgotten to do renew it earlier. Is there any way at all that i can renew it without having to take the test? hmm

  33. Hi Leona,

    To check with you that if using old Mykad, I can ask someone to renew the driving license on my behalf at post office or renew online using
    However I need to provide a passport photo for them to scan if I’m going jpj to renew . Is that correct?


  34. Hey I’m just wondering since I want to renew my expired PDL to CDL and it’s been exactly a month, will I be charged penalty adding the fact the renewal date would exceed 6 months prior to my birthday.

  35. Hi Leona, a son of mine had lost his driving licence and it’s also expired. Can he go to renew his driving licence without police report?

  36. Hi Leona, I am an expatriate worked in Malaysia from 1992 to 2003. My license expired in Jan 2004. I am planning to visit again for employment purpose. Can my license be renewed again based on valid Indian driving license.


  37. Hi,
    I m fr penang. I renewed my CDL in jb post office 2 yrs ago. They gave me the new card type license. I came back to renew my CDL in penang. The post showed me tat the JPJ did not have my particulars and tell me to do it in JPJ. Can I do it at johore JPJ as I m gg back to Singapore.

  38. Hi, my brother is working in Australia. How to renew his driving license on behalf of him? What is required?
    Thank you

  39. Hi, my license is expired more than 3 weeks . How to renew my license online .because I,m In Australia at the moment /

  40. Hi! I renew my license on my birthday for 1 year but I was charged $62.10 at post office bcse I did not renew my license on 2016. Do we still need to pay for 2016 since its alrdy pass..?

  41. I am Malaysian citizen living in Melbourne. My CDL drivers license expired 12 years ago. Can appeal? Or have to resist all the tests?

  42. Hi, I work in singapore and my malaysia license expired 2years and 3months and I lost my driving licence don’t know where I keeping it,but I check my driving licence status in online still showing my license classes, can I renew my license in any pos malaysia without my old driving licence.

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