Philips myBuddy Launch at Ozmosis Health & Day Spa

Last Sunday, I attended Philips new kid’s lamp, called Philips myBuddy. I was immediately attracted to this very cute and huggable lamp that I had to attend the launch to find out more. What’s more, each of us 6 bloggers were given a lamp each to take back to our kids to try it out. I will review the lamp in the next post, but this post is about the launch itself. The launch was really out of the box, I must applaud the agency for picking a very unlikely venue yet the experience there will forever linger in my memories.


The spa had a warm and dark ambience that whispers coziness. I was invited to help myself with the ginger and lemongrass tea, which I must say was delish. The ginger tea especially was really strong and just warmed up my whole body.

I wanted to just sink into the pillows and nap away, that was how homey and cosy it was. We waited for a while for the last blogger who was late as there weren’t any parking nearby. I had walked over from Bangsar Village earlier where John and the kids were playing at the Kids Gym, what better way to entertain them as I had to ‘work’.

Well I wasn’t really working as it turned out, we were in for a treat. As part of the launch program, each of us mummy bloggers would be given an hour of pampering, we could choose a full body spa, a massage or a facial. So, I chose to do a spa and a massage.

Introduction by Ms Linda Lim. Senior Marketing Manager of Philips Lighting
We were then gathered in a small dark room to watch the myBuddy video which I’d shown above. Ms Linda talked briefly about what Philips Lighting do and the importance of lighting in creating ambience and mood. She introduced myBuddy as a kid friendly lamp made with safe materials without mercury and that it used LED lights which do not create heat, therefore the lamp will never burn and it is also safe to the touch. I was also most happy to hear that it does not consume a lot of energy.

Introduction by Product Manager, Philip Teh
Mr Philip Teh, the Product Manager then talked in more detail about the features of myBuddy. He earlier introduced himself as Philip from Philips. Anyways, myBuddy is basically 3-in-1.


It is firstly a bedside table reading lamp, and also a lamp that tells you when it’s bedtime by the sign of the moon, and a lamp that tells you when it’s wakey time by the sign of the sun. There is a clock at the back, so actually it has a fourth feature, it’s a also a clock. The clock lights up in blue when you press the button, but it doesn’t have an internal battery, so it needs to be set after it’s plugged in. We can set when we want the sun to appear, for me it’s around 7.30am. You can’t however, set when the moon appears. All these features are really helpful to train children about time and bedtime. It’s just a really fun way to tell them it’s time for bed and it’s time to wake up for school etc.

The reading light can be turned on or off by just pressing the head of myBuddy, although it is actually the feet that turns it on or off. Philip answered a few of our questions, after which we get to have a short time to touch and feel the product. I was indeed pleasantly surprised that it doesn’t emit any heat at all. Safe enough to be held to sleep.

After the short briefing, we were then escorted for our pampering sessions. I was brought to this room with two beds and a jacuzzi inside, it immediately smelt like bliss. I changed into a sarung and was given the best whole body scrub in my life. It took about 20 min and then I took a very hot shower to clean up. Then, I was brought to another room, and to my surprise and old Chinese man named Zhang was doing the massage. Thankfully, it’s a half body massage and we don’t even need to lie down, just sit on the chair. I waited while he was massaging another blogger, and from the sound of it, it seemed to be rather painful. Finally, it was my turn and I immediately realised he’s from China as he could not speak any other language besides Mandarin. He also seemed extremely relieved when I started speaking Mandarin to him as he was having a hard time trying to talk to the rest of the bloggers. He showed me a few pieces of paper of Chinese writings and English Google translations which he had written down, but they all seemed hard to understand as it was a direct translation. So, then I proceeded with the therapy, and was pleasantly impressed by it. The kind of massage he gave was some sort of Ancient method that probably only mastered by a few from China. He explained that by pressing certain points, many kinds of illnesses can be healed, common ones such as insomnia, stress, headache and blood circulation. He noted that my shoulders were too stiff probably from too much sitting around in front of the PC and not enough rest from taking care of kids. He even taught me a few self massage techniques to relief the stiff muscles which should be done on a daily basis. Very interesting overall. Check out the best royal massage spa treatment in Braselton to melt all your pain and stress away at an affordable price.

Finally, it was time for refreshment. We were treated to a spread of awesome finger foods from Milk And Butter from across the street. It was all simply delicious that I had to help myself to a few … helpings!


After filling up, we were then presented with our ‘goodie bag’ which included myBuddy the actual lamp and the myBuddy stuffed toy. I presented them to my kids at home and they were simply excited about it; my youngest son thinks it’s so good you can even eat it.


Follow me for the next update on my review of myBuddy. myBuddy is available for sale at RM499 but for a special time promo, it is available at Philips Showroom, Menara Axis for only RM199 while stocks last.
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